Saturday Standouts 7/26

Hey ladies! Happy weekend! I hope you’re all having a great sunny day like it is here! I am looking forward to this whole weekend; have a lot of fun things planned with Stephen and my daughter so I’m a happy girl. <3

Today I have to mention that ONE of the things I’m showing you is no longer sold, however I DID get mine luckily from the company just sold on amazon (which I’ll explain later) so if I find it anywhere I’ll link it to this post! :-)


Product <3 #1: MAC Lipstick in “Pure Zen” $16

100_1326 100_1328 unnamed (13) unnamed (14)

This is a lipstick I’ve wanted for EVERRRRR…. lol. It’s a creamsheen + pearl so it’s very creamy, and has a little pearly finish as the name implies (not frosty). This one can settle into my fine lines a tad more than other MAC lipsticks I have, I think just because I notice it more since it is lighter in color; but it’s nothing crazy and I love wearing this under the gloss I’m showing you next. :-)

This is a light, frosted (again not frostY), warm nude that is a gorgeous shade of light/baby pink. This color looks best when paired with a nude lip liner and topped off with a little gloss. :-)

Product <3 #2: Gerard Cosmetic’s Lip Gloss in “Butter Cream” $24

unnamed (9) unnamed (10) unnamed (11) unnamed (12)

Butter Cream OVER Pure Zen--they're basically the exact same color <3

Butter Cream OVER Pure Zen–they’re basically the exact same color <3

So obviously if you’re into Whitening Lightning lip glosses you will notice that this newest member of their family, Butter Cream, is sporting a new package design! I actually prefer this WAY more over the old packaging because the lettering on the side of the old packaging wore off very quickly and made my glosses look messy. I also prefer the new gold lid and the signature “GC” for “Gerard Cosmetics” which I think looks very chic.

The formula of this gloss is just like all the others, opaque, creamy, not sticky, long wearing, and extremely comfortable to wear.

This color, Butter Cream is Jaclyn Hill’s 2nd collaboration with Whitening Lightning/Gerard Cosmetic’s and this time she created what the line was missing; a perfect cool toned light baby pink/nude. UGHH—this is the most GORGEOUS color, the pictures really don’t even do it justice you guys.

If you haven’t bit the bullet and picked this one up yet, I highly recommend it!


Product <3 #3: Becca Mineral Blush in “Damselfly” $38

unnamed (26) unnamed (27) unnamed (28) unnamed (29)

I have definitely included these blushes from Becca a few times in my weekly favorites, although it’s been a couple of months. This one in particular (Damselfly) is the one I’ve been reaching for almost every day this week. I had completely forgotten about it as I was cycling through my blush collection, so when I used it at the beginning of the week for the first time in a while I was floored once again at how much I absolutely LOVE this blush.

It is a light peachy/pinky/coral with micro gold shimmer to it, and the sheen it gives your cheeks along with the gorgeous flush of coraly/pink is just breathtaking.

One thing besides the color and finish of this blush that really sets it apart from even my MAC blushes, is the long wearing abilities it possesses. This blush truly does last all day without having to touch it up, without experiencing any fading or patchiness, and its color looks fresh from the moment you put it on to when you take it off at night.

Again, if you haven’t tried one of these blushes from Becca yet, they are sold at Sephora and are also now being sold at Ulta so that’s really exciting! :)


Product <3 #4: Adovia Exfoliating Facial Sea Salts $19

unnamed (16) unnamed (17) unnamed (18)

This is a really multitasking product because it is 100% pure sea salt and I use this as a facial exfoliate, lip scrub, body scrub and even mix it in with the concoction I put together in my homemade beach spray.

The AMOUNT of product you get for $19 is absolutely insane, they fill this tub to the brim–which is the ONLY negative I had with it because for the first couple of uses it was kind of messy and spilled out since it was overflowing.

I have really been enjoying this scrub, mixing it with coconut oil makes a FANTASTIC body scrub that leaves you silky smooth and hydrated. Using it with some water to exfoliate your face actually helps dry up acne as well so that’s just an added bonus!

Overall I give this a 8/10 and would absolutely repurchase it. <3

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Product <3 #5: Anastasia Lavish Pallet $19

unnamed (22) unnamed (23) unnamed (24) unnamed (32)

Alright so unfortunately I couldn’t find this pallet anywhere but on Amazon and Ebay for over $40 :-( so I couldn’t link it for you guys, I think I just got insanely lucky and picked this up from Amazon when they had 3 left for $19. The pallet was shipped straight from Anastasia so I know it is authentic, and I can’t tell you enough how much I ADORE this new pallet.

The colors are just FABULOUS! This is my first Anastasia pallet and I definitely want to pick up the new Amrezy pallet now because this one is just so sensational. The shadows are so incredibly buttery and easily blended, the colors are so warm and sensual and have a pretty decent array of color choices.

I’ve been using this all week and even am going to be using it later in the month on a bride whose makeup I am doing for her wedding, so that should tell you how much I love this! <3 IF you find a way to get your hands on it for a decent price I HIGHLY recommend doing so! <3


Product <3 #6: MAC Prep and Prime Highlighting Pen in “Radiant Rose” $25

unnamed (15)unnamed (19) unnamed (20) unnamed (21)

I have been ADORING this highlighting pen all this week and as soon as I get paid I’m actually going to be picking up two other shades. This thing NEVER dries up I swear, the packaging is so fabulous and the highlighting abilities of this bad boy are unreal. I will always kind of forget about this little nugget and when I re-discover it I mentally slap my hand for not using it!

This shade in “Radiant Rose” is really for people with pink undertones, it is SO creamy and opaque and blends out beautifully underneath your eyes and the center of your face for an unreal highlight that looks very natural and lights up your face. <3

Product <3 #7: 7th Heaven Masks $2.99 (each)

100_1304 100_1307


I was sent 6 of these masks from the company 7th Heaven Naturals, and let me tell you guys… if you’re looking for some awesome masks that are not only INCREDIBLY inexpensive, but also high quality, effective and a great bang for you buck–DEFINITELY check these out.

The masks are all natural which is absolutely fantastic, the quantity in each “pouch” is crazy–it takes me 3-4 applications to get through one pouch–which is the ONLY thing negative I have to say, is that there’s no way you’re going to use one of these just for one use. So in order to save the product once I’ve opened it, I keep it in a zip lock baggy. This does work just fine, it just can be a little messier or a nuisance.

That aside, both that I’ve tried so far have left my face extremely soft and subtle, they are very creamy and thick in texture and smell incredible. They come in all different varieties such as made with Moroccan clay, white Tai mud etc… so you can pick up which mask tailors to your skins individual benefits.

Check them out ladies, I’ve been loving them! <3


Alright my beauties, that’s the end of this weeks Saturday Standouts, I hope you’ve all enjoyed and have maybe been inspired to try out one of these awesome goodies!

God bless you guys,


Rachel <3


Favorite Lip Glosses “My Collection” Part 1: NYX Butter Glosses

ALRIGHT my dears, so this is going to be a 2 part post of my favorite lip glosses in my collection; part 1 is all about the butter glosses from the brand NYX, part 2 will be my collection of Whitening Lightning glosses. <3

I have exactly half of the collection (the shades that are currently out) so I have 11 out of the 22. From the swatches you’ll see that I obviously like and favor certain colors ha ha.

Keep in mind also that I do have pretty pigmented lips, so depending on the pigmentation of your own lips the color may look differently on you; but these are how they look on me. ;) These are all on their own, however they all look stunning and work incredible over top of lipstick, and even more defined and polished when used with a lip liner. :)

Lets bust this out! <3


unnamed (23)unnamed (24)



ECLAIR WP_000866








WP_000958 WP_000956








unnamed (7) WP_000961











unnamed (6) WP_000955







Okay so there you have it ladies, hope this was helpful in giving you some ideas of which of these amazing glosses you might want to pick up! Have a fantastic day you guys!

God Bless,


Rachel <3

Saturday Standouts… On A Monday–Oops!

Hey Lovelies, happy Monday! I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days and missed my Saturday Standouts–I just had some personal things going on over the weekend that took my attention, but I’m still posting my favorites today because it’s my favorite post to write every week! I have some fun stuff I’m bringing you today, both makeup and skin care I’ve been loving, I hope it inspires you and I hope you forgive me for getting this up late! Haha! Love you guys! <3


Product <3 #1 Younique 3D Fiber Mascara $29

unnamed (17)unnamed (11)unnamed (13)unnamed (12)unnamed (10)

LEFT: Younique RIGHT: Nothing

LEFT: Younique RIGHT: Nothing

I absolutely can’t get enough of this mascara; the more I use it the more I love it. I can honestly say this is not any sort of over-hyped product, it deserves ALL the praise it gets. It makes my lashes so thick and long and I don’t have to fuss with false lashes. I am quite seriously considering getting into selling this because I love the product and the company and I’d be thrilled to bring this to other girls. Click the link above to check out the site, not only the mascara but the other products they have. Fantastic company, great products, I’m very happy to have this now and will continue to purchase it! <3

Product <3 #2: MAC Blush in “Style” $17-21

unnamed (7)unnamed (11)unnamed (15)

If you are on an “Orangey” kick like me, you’re going to LOVE MAC’s powder blush in “Style”. It is described as a coral-peach with gold pearl and the coral really comes through for me on my cheeks! It is a frost finish but I don’t see anything “frosty” about this particular shade; more like a sheen. It is very pigmented and builds up pretty quickly and the texture is nice and smooth and soft.


Product <3 #3:LA Beaute Hyaluronic Acid Serum $13.99  & Pure Organic VITAMIN C SERUM $18.99

100_1205100_1208unnamed (9)

So recently I really wanted to add a few new skin-care products to my skin care routine, namely; Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Retinal. The retinal I will cover in another post but today I wanted to share the two serums for the latter that I have fallen in love with. I did get these sent to me, and I’m glad I did because I may have missed them otherwise. Quickly let me go over what both Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C are used for skin care and what their benefits are for you:


  • consistency and tissue-friendliness allows it to be beneficial in skin care products as an excellent moisturizer. Because HA is one of the most hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules in nature with numerous benefits for the human body it can be described as “nature’s moisturizer”. (source:
  • As we age, skin moisture can drop significantly, which makes the skin lose elasticity and expose the signs of aging on the skin. Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to hold in moisture (1000 ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid). Hyaluronic acid is also a “smart nutrient” as it can adjust its moisture absorption rate based on the humidity—relative to the season and the climate. (source:


  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage — free radicals are unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. New research shows that ascorbic acid 2-phosphate, a derivative of vitamin C, not only neutralizes free radicals, but also reverses DNA damage.
    • Vitamin C helps produce collagen.  Collagen is the major structural protein of the skin, think of firm skin.  With Vitamin C Serum often you will see a visible difference in skin texture, color and tone in as early as a few days.
    • Because Vitamin C Serum will start to be absorbed by the skin almost immediately, it immediately starts protecting the skin from further environmental damage.
    • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will become less noticeable in many people within two to six months. (Source:

Okay so now you can kind of see WHY I am interested in using these products, now why do I chose THESE specifically? For one they were sent to me so yes that was the first step, but I can tell you that they are both very well manufactured, very carefully bottled and packaged (important to keep product from oxidizing) and since starting to use them in a short amount of time I have noticed a HUGE difference in the plumpness of my skin, my dark spots are fading, my skin looks more radiant, refreshed, and I know that with the vitamin C I am helping to PREVENT sun damage and reverse those effects.

So I have been LOVING this combo and highly, highly recommend them. :-)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


 Product <3 #4: Mac Eye Shadow in “Coral” $10-15

unnamed (13)unnamed (14)unnamed (16)

AGAIN–if you’re on any sort of kick with coral/orange/peach, or you just love it in general, you’re going to FLIP when if you get this MAC eye-shadow in coral. It is a pro shade so you can only get it by going into a pro store or by going to MAC’s website which I’ve linked above. I have been lusting over this color for a while now and finally picked it up and let…me…tell… you… I’M OBSESSED. The color is very pigmented, and I also like to use it over my NYX jumbo eye-pencil in milk since it really just makes the coral pop even more.

Super pigmented, soft texture, matte finish, true coral color and I have to stop myself from wearing it every single day lol. <3


Product <3 #5: Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in “All Fired Up” $7.99

100_1209unnamed (3)unnamed (20)

Well I may be a bit late considering it’s mid-summer, however I definitely and happily found my new go-to cherry-red nail polish for the summer! I ALWAYS wear red nail polish on my toes, and during the summer I really love to wear it on my fingernails. This formula which I’ve already touted is absolutely amazing; very long-lasting, creamy, opaque, builds up easily with 1-2 coats, and a large color range. This is such a fire-engine red and it just looks gorgeous especially if you’re a bit tanned I think the tone is very complimenting. <3


 Product <3 #6: POP Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer $10

unnamed (6)unnamed (18)unnamed (19)

I received this in my July Ipsy bag and I’m so glad I did, I never would have tried this without getting this sample (sample my butt it’s full-sized, yay Ipsy!) first and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It is a cool toned bronzer for the most part but it seems to warm up a bit on the skin. It has a glorious radiance to it but it doesn’t look too sparkly on the skin, it looks so sun-kissed–just as the name implies–and I have been using it pretty much every single day since getting it. It is only $10 so yes I highly recommend picking this one up! I wouldn’t use it for contouring just because of the shimmer in it, but it’s lovely as an all over bronzer to impart a luminous healthy looking glow. <3


Alright ladies that’s it for this week’s  favorites, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, as always leave any comments or questions below I LOVE talking with all of you! <3

God bless!


Rachel <3


My Self Tanning Routine: Products, Techniques & Tips For A Flawless, Natural Looking Tan

Hey my lovely ladies! Hope you’re all having a great Thursday! :-) Ok, so I’m not crazy into looking like Snookie when I tan–with the exception of the summer I like to be extra tan–but I do self-tan all year round and I like to always have a medium dose of color so that my skin looks healthy, more even toned and so that I don’t look like a pasty Pillsbury dough boy with my naturally quite pale skin. <3

I’ve tried SO MANY self-tanners, applications, scrubs, techniques, tan extenders, tan blenders, different application techniques etc… and I really believe I have come up with a pretty darn good routine if I do say so myself. :-P As long as I don’t get lazy and I follow this routine exactly I never get blotches, dry patches, don’t have blending problems, orange looking tan or lines of demarcation between the fingers, on the arms, around the armpits etc…

I’m going to aim to make this short, sweet and informative ( I said aim…try!) and just give you a run down step-by-step of what I both use and how I self tan. <3 Hope you all enjoy and find this helpful! :-)

Starting with the products I use:


Everything I do BEFORE I self tan is absolutely crucial to how my tan is going to turn out, so the first thing I do is exfoliate my body using my Tree Hut Sugar Scrub and then I moisturize in with my Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. This stuff is so amazing I honestly don’t really even have to moisturize after my shower if I don’t want to or if I’m running late on time, but normally I will especially before I self tan just to make sure I’ll have no dry spots.


I really focus that extra lotion onto certain areas I know I’m prone to get blotchy; so my elbows, wrists, knuckles, in between my fingers, sides of my hands, triceps (no clue but they do lol), knees, ankles and tops of my feet.

unnamed (3)


On my arms/legs/chest I use a mitt to apply my Famous Dave’s tanner, I use only one pump at a time and I start at my neck and work down my decollete and the tops of my shoulders (that usually is about 2 pumps for all that), then I use another pump on the tops of each arm and one pump on each arm from the elbow down.

100_1194 100_1200

The point here is that I always work in small areas so that I’m not applying it to too big of an area where it can dry too quickly and not blend right, thus leaving streaks. You don’t want to be rushed when you’re blending in your tanner, rubbing it in circular motions (not straight up and down) works best.

On my back and the tops of my hands I actually use my Million Dollar Spray Tan because the formula is incredible and blends amazing; I ALWAYS use the brush that comes with it that most people say they’d never use… but once I found HOW I like to specifically use this brush, now I can’t live without it.


This brush blends the color on your hands SO well, getting into the webbing of your fingers, blending along the sides of your hands; it’s absolutely wonderful and it’s just easy to use the spray on the hands.

For the back I can pretty much reach my whole back using this brush which is pretty amazing considering I’m not all THAT flexible ha ha, but it works! I use the spray again because it has that color guard so I can see where I’m applying it in a mirror looking over my shoulder, and it has enough blend time so it doesn’t streak as fast as mousse does. I just spray it directly onto my brush and then reach around and brush it on in back and forth AND circular motions; just until I can see that it is well blended in .This spray is also amazing because you can build on it without it getting funny on you and creating dark patches.



After I’ve applied all my tanner (sounds like a lot of steps but honestly it takes me 5-10 minutes for my whole body… so nothing) I reach for my moisturizer again and AGAIN rub a little bit on my elbows, over my hands (making sure to get over your knuckles, into the webbing of your fingers and on your wrists) knees, ankles, tops of feet (again between toes and ESPECIALLY your heals/back of your ankles), Also the area between your arm pit and deltoids, where tanning can sometimes streak and get dark due to a lot of movement and just how your skin there “folds”. 


Then I kid you not… I go and stand in front of a fan/air-conditioner and “dry” myself and honestly I’m “done” in 1-2 minutes… like completely dry. Woop-woop!



I like to keep my tan fairly consistent in color and I don’t like how it looks to layer new self tanner over old self tanner since it always seems to wear off somewhat patchy, so I actually repeat this whole process (starting with exfoliation) every 3 days so that my tan always looks flawless and doesn’t get patchy looking.

One product I REALLY like is the Jergen’s BB Body Cream because it helps keep your tan blended with a HINT of color.


It is super important to keep your skin moisturized at all times, but especially after sunless tanning because dry, flaky skin will slough off faster and color will fade sooner. Your goal is to basically slow down your body’s natural exfoliation process to extend that tan. Of course this doesn’t ring true with my face because I exfoliate that 3-4 times a week.

Tanning my face I do every night because it’s getting washed off twice a day. I kind of consider this separate from my body tanning routine and it is just a part of my “skin care” routine every single night. It is the last thing I put on before going to bed. One pump of the Million Dollar Tan Face Lotion will do my entire face and I just blend it out really well exactly like I would with any facial lotion–making sure to blend up into my hairline so there’s no line of demarcation, and even onto my ears, behind them and blending a little down my neck so that there’s no line or difference between any tanner I used on my face, and any tanner I used down my neck and decollete.


Okay ladies, I hope you found this helpful; this is my personal fool-proof routine that I love and I hope it helps any of you out who might be struggling with getting your self-tan to look natural and flawless!

God Bless you guys, I love you all!


Rachel <3


Saturday Standouts 7/12/14

Happy weekend loves! I hope as always this finds you well and having a great Saturday. :-) My week sort of drug by since Stephen works a LOT during the summer months (missing my man!) but it has still been great, mostly lots of quality time spent with my babies which is always the best thing in the world. <3

I definitely have some great products to share with you today, a couple of which I’m absolutely in love with that are newer purchases to my collection. Also just a quick note, I was thinking about doing another “Product Empties, Would I Repurchase” post since I’ve accumulated quite a few things since my last one, so if that’s something you guys would be interested in seeing, please leave me a quick blurb in the comments below, thanks! <3

Alright so let’s jump right into this!

Product <3 #1 Revlon Colorstay Foundation (for combo/oily skin) $8.99


HAD to include this in my favorites this week since it was the ONLY foundation I used… yeah… that’s unheard of for me. I had forgotten how much I LOVE this foundation until one of you guys asked if I liked it and I was like “Yeah I do… why did I stop using that?”

The color I have is in 310 Warm Golden and it is really just the perfect match for me right now (at least this week :-P) but it’s the formula of this that I love so much. It has a thick consistency and is very creamy which I actually really like in a foundation, it is medium-full coverage, feels very light on the skin, doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines and lasts ALL DAY. Depending on the day I may have to touch up my powder or blot throughout the day, but definitely nothing obsessive.

This is one of those drugstore foundations you can’t tell the difference between it and a high-end foundation, so what’s not to love about that?! I use my Sigma F80 to blend this out and it works beautifully.

I’ve also been mixing it with a pump of my Gerard Cosmetic’s BB Plus Illumination cream and the combo is stunning, so if you have this bb cream try this out! :-)

WP_000844unnamed (13)

Product <3 #2 MAC Lipstick in “Lady Danger” $16

unnamed (16) WP_000851 WP_000852 unnamed (18)
UGHHH–I can not tell you in words just how much I LOVE this lipstick. I love the color, the formula (matte), the way it feels on the lips, it’s long wearing and did I mention the color!? If you’ve ever seen “The Notebook” (My FAVORITE movie) you know that part where Lon proposes to her–that lipstick she’s wearing?


Yes… that one. <3

unnamed (21k)

For me this is THAT lipstick and I have been looking for it forEVER. It’s the perfect blend of red and orange and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. ALSO–it SMELLS SO GOOD. Like frosting–which we’ve already established before I’m a fan of. <3


Product <3 #3 Avene Thermal Spring water spray 300 ml, 10.58-Ounce Package $16


I think it was my May Ipsy bag, I received a sample of this and my boyfriend and I were BOTH bummed when it ran out lol. Stephen kept asking, “When are you getting more of that face water stuff?” <3

I went ahead and picked up the big daddy size to keep on my vanity and I’ll probably get a 2-pack of the smaller size for my purse. I like to spray this on after I apply my makeup and then spritz on my Skindinavia Finishing Spray to set my makeup and make it really melt together; this is the combo I’ve been using all week and loving it. I also use it throughout the day as a refresher. I don’t know what kinds of voo-doo magic is in this stuff but it’s SO incredibly refreshing especially on hot days. Seems like a non-necessity but for me it’s right up there with my all time favorite products of life. :-)


Product <3 #4 Laura Mercier Hi-Light Duo $15

unnamed (9) unnamed (10) unnamed (11)

Let me say straight off–GO to and pick this up while they’re still offering it because it is limited edition and it is a STEAL especially for what you’re getting. In this do you get Laura Mercier’s Matte Radiance Baked Bronze in 01 highlight–which pssst Jaclyn Hill mentioned as one of her favorite highlighters…just saying–and I can see why! Becca Opal Highlighter is still my favorite but this is like her more subtle sister.

This highlighter is SO unbelievably gorgeous, the formula is baked but it’s SO creamy and easily blends into the tops of your cheekbones. It’s a very subtle soft pinky/champagne and on days where I don’t want the BAM I get from Becca’s opal–THIS is what I reach for and I’ve been loving it to pieces. This is a smaller size then it’s momma that is .26oz for $36, this one has .06, but you really only need just a little bit, so even this size will last you a while. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to try it out, then this is the way to go!

The lip gloss that comes with this is “Bare Baby” and is the perfect nudey/pinky shade that looks beautiful on its own or over other nude/pink lipsticks. Is also smells great–like cupcakes–and I’m just really into that as you know. :-P


Product <3 # 5 Makeup Geek Blush in “Smitten” $9.99

unnamed (5) WP_000825 unnamed (6)unnamed (12)

I picked up a few of these Makeup Geek blushes because I was really curious about them, and Smitten is one of the few shades that’s actually still available–not sold out, haha. It is a warm toned true peach color and is very soft and pigmented but builds up nice and slow which is good because it would be easy to over-do this one and it’s VERY peach/orange. I like to use this one as a blush base, so I’ve been applying this to warm and brighten up my complexion and then I like to go over that more towards the tops of my cheeks with my Clinique Cheek Pop in “Peach Pop”. The combo is SO stunning and I’m SO glad I picked up this color and HIGHLY recommend the combo of these two together. :)

unnamed (2) unnamed (14) unnamed (20)


Product <3 #6 ResurFACE Premium Moisturizing Anti Wrinkle Night Cream for Dry Skin, with Advanced Antioxidant Healing Power of Sea Kelp, CoQ10, Sodium PCA, Shea Butter, Avocado & Jojoba Oil. Regenerating & Nutrient-Enriched. Larger 2oz Jar! Results GUARANTEED $38.99 (On sale right now, normally $74.99)

unnamed (7) unnamed (8)

I was sent this moisturizer for my review, and let me say STRAIGHT off that if I don’t like something I’m sent I either don’t review it or if I was asked to review it in return for a review I will ALWAYS give my honest opinion. So the reason this is in my weekly favorites is because I really truly am LOVING it and am SO glad I was sent this or I probably would have never heard of it!

This cream is VERY hydrating and thick in consistency, however unlike other creams with this sort of consistency it is NOT heavy and I’m blown away at how it just sinks right into my skin. I have used this every night since receiving it and it’s one of those products I look forward to using lol. It feels so, so hydrating and makes your face so smooth. In the morning I definitely wake up glowy and my skin has improved in tone and texture already.

It is made with sea kelp, CoQ10, sodium PCA, shea butter, avocado oil, and jojoba oil so lots of good for your skin ingredients with loads of benefits.

It might seem a little pricey but it’s cheaper than a lot of creams I’ve purchased from Sephora and I like this one much, much better. This is something I personally WILL be purchasing with my own money when I run out.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Product <3 #7 NYX Butter Gloss (Madaline, Creme Brule, Eclair) $4.99

WP_000845WP_000846unnamed (15)

Who doesn’t love butter glosses?? I won’t go into crazy detail over these as I’ve mentioned them many times before and pretty much everyone has seen some sort of review or YouTube video on them singing their praises; however I wanted to show and swatch for you the three nude/neutral shades I’ve been using non stop for the past week, I just LOVE these shades. I like them mostly all by themselves, but they look fabulous over other lipsticks as well.


Alright ladies, that’s my favorites I wanted to share with you for this week, again I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and make sure to leave a comment below if you’d like to see an upcoming empties blog post! Love you all!

God bless,


Rachel <3

Top 10 Beauty/Makeup Products I Won’t Be Without

Happy Thursday everyone! :-) Hey, I just want to throw out a quick and HUGE thank you to all of you who have subscribed to me, encouraged me and become friends to me. Last week I did hit 500 followers (while I’m writing this it is currently 534). It’s been 3 months since I started my blog and I can honestly say I did not expect that many interested people in that amount of time!

Truly this blog has become a passion of mine and my ABSOLUTE favorite hobby, as well as I have met some amazing women who have become my friends. I’m so, so grateful and just wanted to express and share both my excitement and my deep gratitude. <3

Alright, so today I wanted to share with you some makeup and beauty products/tools that are items I simply won’t go without, can’t live without, will always have and/or repurchase for my collection. :-) There are many things that I could include in this I realized once I sat down and brainstormed, so I’ve narrowed it down to the top 10. So these are truly products/tools that I love, stand by, recommend, and would never part with! :-)

In no particular order–let’s get started! <3

1) Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner $3.99

fgto t4rd

If you’ve followed me for a minute you’d know that I’ve talked about this on several occasions as a holy grail, favorite conditioner. This is my every day conditioner, and I’ve tried many different conditioners high-end and drugstore and nothing beats this in both quality, effectiveness AND price. My hair tends to get  “bored” with using the same hair care products thus making them infective if I don’t switch them up; however with this that’s not the case. I continue to purchase and use it every time I wash my hair and it continues to give me soft, hydrated hair in return. This conditioner is one of those things that is I don’t have I will go immediately and pick up. Which never really happens because I always have 2-3 stocked in my drawers lol. :-)

2) MAC Pro Longwear Concealer $19

unnamed (12) unnamed (9)

This is also something you know I love if you’ve read even only a couple of my posts! :-P I have a drawer full of concealers that I hardly ever touch (sadly) because this one is perma-set on my vanity where I reach for it every single day.

If you haven’t tried these out yet, I highly suggest giving it a whirl, the formula is so creamy, incredibly opaque and high coverage, blends out flawlessly melting seamlessly into your skin, doesn’t crease up (at least for me) lasts all day and doubles as an outstanding lid primer. I think $19 is very affordable for this and I always have a bottle of NW20 and NW30 so I can customize the color I need on any particular day. 100% I will freak out if I don’t have access to this, it’s a must have! :-)

3) L’Oreal Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner $8.99

0007124923891_500X500images (2)

I actually don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this on my blog before which is INSANE considering I wear it every single day… or at least 98% of the time. It has been my favorite liquid eyeliner for about 2 years now so I’ve gone through several of them and if they ever discontinue them I’ll gladly drop $100 on a bunch of them so I don’t run out for a long, long time. Seriously. Haha! For me I find it extremely easy to use, it has a long somewhat flexible felt tip applicator, dries to a matte finish and doesn’t dry up on me so I use it until it is gone. I’ve heard a few people complain they don’t like how long the felt tip is, but I wholly disagree and think at least for me it makes creating a cat eye incredibly effortless. Absolutely love this, so if you’re into liquid liner or winged liner in general and haven’t tried this out yet, you should! I wont, I repeat WON’T be without this. :-)

4) Benefit The Porefessional $31


Another gotta have it, will always be in my every day makeup routine product. If I don’t use this primer on the pores around my nose, I notice! I have large pores there and this primer has really changed how I feel about so many foundations. Before discovering a pore-filler I was really picky about the foundations I would use because most of them settled in my pores. This fills them in so nicely, I find I can wear just about any foundation of my choice now which is fantastic. I press this into my pores and a little goes a long way, so even though I use it daily I’ve had it for about 4 months and am just now needing to repurchase. It also smells amazing as well which is a definite bonus. :-)

5) Famous Dave’s Dark Bronzing Mousse $36

100B0600 unnamed (14)

Alright so I have a drawer full of self-tanners as I am quite a self-tanner junkie, and my favorite 2 for a year or two have been back and forth between St. Tropez Mousse and Million Dollar Tan lotion and spray. That was until I discovered this. For this to be in my list of  “won’t live without” says a lot, and I can honestly say I haven’t touched another self-tanner since I started using this one.

Everything about it is just perfection; the color, the scent (or lack of), the quick dry time, the longevity of the tan it gives you, the texture, everything. I wish I could give everybody on here a free sample of this stuff because I’m so confident anyone who tries it is going to love it!

6) Sigma F80 ($24) F50 ($26) F86 ($24)

36-230912220238 F50-2bb_p

The application and overall look of my makeup has dramatically changed since investing in these three brushes. If I had to get rid of EVERY other brush I owned but could keep 3… I would be just fine as long as it were these 3.

The F80 Flat Top Kabuki is the perfect tool for flawlessly blending out your foundation, the F50 Duo Fiber I use either for applying bronzer or blush and blending it all out so it looks seamless. The F86 Tapered Kabuki is what I use to blend out my concealer, not only just underneath my eyes, but on my whole face. Unless I need to do some serious detailed work, it works fantastic. Definitely don’t want to live without these 3 brushes, and the quality is outstanding.

7) Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask $69



Right now I have the deluxe sample size of this; I ran out of my full-sized jar so until I can drop the $69 on this again, I always manage to have some sort of sample of smaller size on hand. I use this as a spot treatment so it lasts me a long time and if I get a blemish, I use this every night on it and it is gone in 1-3 days. Absolutely love this stuff, HATE the price, but whenever I can afford it I will continue to buy this mask because it’s simply extremely effective.

8) Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel $21

unnamed (8)

So I have proof this is something I can’t live without because last month I misplaced it for about a week and I was DEVASTATED lol. I went on a crazy mission trying to find it and was about to give in and purchase a new one when it showed up in a nook and cranny I hadn’t checked. If this was just a clear brow gel I don’t think I’d be that obsessed, but because it’s tinted it is perfect for those days I don’t want to use my Dip Brow and I just want to quickly do my brows. It fills them in and sets them so naturally, I use this I’d say 8 out of 10 times I do my brows (which is every day). Totally worth the investment and I personally don’t want to be without it! :-)

9) Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner $32.95

100_0554 100_0556

Now the price seems steep for this, and you might be thinking this isn’t a necessity item but more of an add-on, luxury item–but not for me!! I use this EVERY time I shower and a little goes a long way so I’m about 1/4 of the way through and I’ve had it for around a month or a month and a half.

This is a FANTASTIC moisturizer, if I don’t have time to put lotion on after a shower, as long as I’ve used this I’m fine! This smells SO good and makes your skin very soft and supple. I will absolutely re-purchase this when I run out and always want it in my shower routine!

10) Secret Clinical Strength Clinical Protection Antiperspirant/Deodorant Advanced Solid Powder Protection (PHEW what a name) $7.99


Last but CERTAINLY not least is probably–no definitely–what I’ve consistently used the longest. I’ve used this since my early 20′s so probably 6-7 years and any time I’ve strayed and tried any other deodorant I go right back to this and throw out the other one. This smells SO, SO good and it keeps oder and wetness away all day no matter how hot the weather is. I absolutely won’t live without this and you will always find it in my drawer and using it every single day. <3

Okay so that’s it for my top 10 can’t live without them items, I hope you all have a GREAT start to your weekend! We have a parade going on in our little town here so my kids and I will be busy today and through the weekend with the carnival and bike races and such!

God Bless,


Rachel <3


Fashionista Award!



Hey loves! Okay So I was nominated over the past couple of weeks for the “Fashionista Award”. I was nominated by a few different gorgeous ladies:

Thank you again for nominating me ladies! <3 For the 10 people I will be nominating myself HERE is the link for the original post where all the information/rules are, so be sure to check that out and begin writing your own submission for this awesome award/tag. :-)

1) What motivated you to start blogging?

What motivated me to start my blog was a combination of things/ideas/interests. For starters I’ve always enjoyed writing and I found that after having my kids I sort of put writing on the back burner. The past year I even actually wondered it I COULD write anymore. So blogging about makeup is a long way from writing stories and novels which is what I am very passionate about, however it just so happens that my OTHER passion is–you guessed it–makeup. :) I don’t have any overly crazy notions that I’m some amazing makeup artist or anything, I’m not super rich where I can buy any makeup I want and I don’t know everything there is to know about makeup… BUT… I love it. I have loved it for a long time, I have built up a pretty good-sized collection and after realizing how much I really, really enjoyed reading OTHERS blogs I knew right away it was something I wanted to do. :)

2) Favorite movies?

I don’t watch movies too often because I’m usually found watching Frozen with my daughter or Ninja Turtles with my son (Mikey’s my favorite!) but when I do I always reach for the same 3:

  • The Notebook
  • That Thing You Do
  • The Help

198504_204756626220948_4187514_n download (6) 0078693681430_500X500

3) What is your dream career?

Honest to God?–Mother. Always has been, so I guess I’m living my dream. :)

1441326_610777965651169_1530793041_n 1604782_687687427960222_4331229087074288383_n 1978830_683572208371744_229189597_n 1531650_642284045833894_1459816156_n

4) Top wish list item at the moment?

I’m going to assume makeup item would be appropriate for this, so I gotta say it’s ALL of the Nars blushes, the new Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Champagne and the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in “Whisper Beige”.

s652354-main-hero s1619576-main-hero s1588615-main-hero

5) Favorite television show?

I love Lucy. No for real–I grew up watching it on Nick-at-Night and I now own every single season on DVD–it’s sort of like my happy place. Haha. :) Also Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, The Wonder Years, King of Queens & Game of Thrones.

download (5) Game-of-Thrones i-love-lucy-logo

6) What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?

Nordstroms, Sephora, Ulta and The Buckle equally haha.

download (3)sephora-hk-shop-03download (4)18Nov2011-Buckle (3)

7) Favorite fashion designers?

I’m actually not all that into fashion (gasp I know) so I can’t honestly say I know many designers…

download (2)

8) Describe your dream vacation?

Hmmm… I actually had to give this one a moment to think about it. I haven’t even dreamed of the possibility of being able to go on a vacation in so long I was like wow… where WOULD I go. Haha. After a little pondering I think I’ve settled on Italy. I would love to go away with Stephen someday like maybe on our honeymoon or something to Italy especially to the amazing vineyards they have there, it’s just such a romantic place.

flat,550x550,075,f.u2 Dawn over the autumnal vineyards near Montefalco images (1)

9) What are the goals for your blog?

I’d say my goals for my blog are to inspire, to grow and for fulfillment. So by that I mean to inspire others with both their makeup and their confidence, and to help people on making the investments they will be happy with in this expensive world of beauty products, and for fulfillment for myself of doing something that I absolutely love, meeting people I can connect with and share with and learn from, and just enjoying all the new opportunities it brings my way. :)

tumblr_lzenpyTPGo1r2y1izo1_400 976397_513264252073209_1115548569_o-001 Quotation-Ashish-Sophat-fulfillment-happiness-Meetville-Quotes-71611

10) If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

Either Emma Stone because she’s just awesome, or Ryan Gosling because–I mean hello it’s Ryan Gosling. <3

Emma-STone ryan-gosling-300


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Pamela Kieck

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Alright guys, thanks for reading, congrats if you actually made it all the way through! Haha! BTW tomorrow I will have a normal blog post going up I know I’ve posted a few of these award tags however I really wanted to sit down and commit to getting them done to thank the people who nominated me and I’ve found I’ve really been enjoyed doing them! Thanks guys, love you all!

God Bless,


Rachel <3


Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Hey Ladies! Alright so I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I have received a few different nominations over the past couple months for this but am just now sitting down to get this done! I will tag any of the girls who graciously nominated me, however they are sprinkled throughout comments in my blog so if I miss any of you please comment so I can add you and link you as well!! :))

People who nominated me:


+Plus Beauty


Life According To Jamie

Beauty By Brooke LeAnne

Macara’s Blog

This tag is pretty simple, the rules are as follows:

1) Thank and link the person(s) who nominated you

2) List the rules and display the award

3) Share 7 facts about yourself

4) Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and remember to comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them and provide a link to your post

5) Optional: You can proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog I.E. on your side bar and follow the person who nominated you




Seven Facts About Me

1) When I was 10 years old I had a giant pot of boiling water spilled on me by accident, I burned 47% of my body, spent 3 months in the hospital and a year in total recovering and thanking Jesus for letting me live! I have beautiful scars from it to this day :)

2) The summer before I turned 17 I went by myself on a plane to Argentina and stayed and worked in an orphanage for a month. It was the most amazing experience of my life, and I’ve always been proud of my brave spirit.

3) My kids birthdays are only a day apart (4 years difference in age).

4) I have an obsession with ranch dressing, probably the reason I can’t lose weight it’s so good on everything :-P

5) I wrote my first 400 page book when I was in high school, I’d still like to go back and update it as an adult to get it published.

6) I’m extremely loud, people tell me I lost my “whisper” button… I can’t do it. Whispering to me is normal talking volume for everyone else :-P

7) When I was married (I have been divorced for 4 years) we lived in Montana for 3 and a half years where I worked as a CNA in a hospital, I have fantastic memories from that job.

My Nominees

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Love you all! 

God bless,


Rachel <3


Beauty Blogger Of The Month Award


Hey guys! Okay so I was nominated for the Beauty Blogger of the Month award by my very good friend and awesome lady Katie from Plus+ BeautyThis awesome reward tag was created by Cecilia Lui from Cecilia’s Corner. :-) For those of you I will be tagging in this post as nominees be sure to check out the original link HERE to get the contest rules etc…

1) Where does your makeup inspiration come from?

My makeup inspiration comes from all different sources, Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Casey Holmes, Jaclyn Hill; lots of women who I admire the style of makeup they wear. When I see a look I like or connect with I’ll try it out. Mostly though my inspiration comes from what comes naturally–playing around with my makeup and figuring out what I do and don’t like. :)

2) What are three of your makeup holy-grail products you can not live without?

My Mac Pro Longwear concealer, My L’Oreal Liquid liner and my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. <3

3) What is your makeup signature look which you have on most of the time?

That’s easy haha! Full face foundation/concealer/powder you know the works, but then a nude/peach shade blush, pretty thick black winged/cat eye liner, and either a nude lip or a bright red recently. :)

4) Let us know your favorite makeup brands?

Too faced, It cosmetics, MAC, Laura Mercier, Maybelline, NYX, Anastasia, Smashbox, Urban Decay, L’Oreal, Tarte, Becca, Nars… Omgosh I could go on lol. <3

5) Your ultimate makeup pet peeve?

Actually my ultimate pet peeve is when people judge other people based on their makeup. “She wears too much”, “She doesn’t wear it right”, “She wears it to bold”, “She wears it wrong”… I hate that. It’s makeup… leave people alone it’s supposed to be fun and personal. :)

6) You’ve heard about all the hype about this makeup item, bought it, tried it, and don’t understand what all the fuss is about… name that product:

Maybelline “The Rocket” mascara.

7) Concealer OR foundation only for the rest of your life. Choose one and tell us the reason:

This just sucks, but I’d chose concealer because I would just take REALLY good care of my skin so I only needed concealer to blend out well over troubled areas, I could make it work :-P


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Alright ladies, good luck to you all, thanks for reading! :))

God Bless,


Rachel <3

Saturday Standouts 7/5/14

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July here in the states, and for everyone else I hope you’re having an awesome weekend! <3

It was great for me , yesterday the kids loved all the fireworks and my sister and brother-in-law came in from Seattle so that was nice. :-) So I have some new goodies to show you that are in my favorites this week, they’re pretty much all products I’ve been wanting for a while so I’ve been enjoying them a lot this week. A couple I’ve had for a while as well, but have been reaching for them pretty much every day. So let’s get into this! :-)

Product <3 #1: Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser $15

100_1083 (2)

I picked this up at Ulta after seeing Amanda Ensing raving about it on YouTube. I sincerely get grossed out about using dirty brushes on my face, especially since I’ve been having a lot of hormonal and stress breakouts, the last thing I want to do is be transferring more bacteria around my face. Amanda said she pretty much uses this between deep cleanings and cleans her brushes after each use. So I picked this up to see what is was all about and I absolutely LOVE it.  I went ahead and used it to clean my makeup brushes by spraying it on the brush, massaging it in and rinsing it under lukewarm water.

I can’t believe how thoroughly and easily this removed product build up–it really surpassed my expectations. I saw white bristles on brushes I hadn’t seen in a while! :-P It dries your brushes quickly as well (I think it’s the alcohol in it) so I think I will follow suit and use it to sanitize my brushes between deep cleanings. :-)

Product <3 #2: Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base  $25

100_1057100_1058 100_1059

This I have had for a while, and somehow it got buried in my makeup drawers. I had been using either my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer or my MAC Paint Pot in painterly to prime/even out my eye-lids, but when I pulled this out and started using it again I was reminded why I had loved it so much. If you have oily eye-lids this is the best shadow primer you will find, it really keeps your shadow on all day and keeps it from creasing. It’s definitely pricey, but I highly recommend it if you’re on the hunt for that holy grail status lid-primer that you can always count on.

Product <3 #3: It Cosmetics Your Lips But Better Water-Proof Lip Liner Stain $20 (Spicy Nude)

100_1042 100_1043 100_1049

It Cosmetics it one of my favorite high-end cosmetic brands and ever since I have been on the hunt for my “perfect” nude liner I have wanted to pick one of these up. It’s a water-proof, creamy, opaque lip liner/stain so it truly lasts for EVER. The shade I got is Spicy Nude, and I chose this specific shade because I wanted a darker neutral/brown/peach/pink type shade to really define my lips. I didn’t want it to be the exact shade of my lips so this is just perfect for me. It’s a rich, warm terracotta and I love it so much I’ve worn it every single day since getting it.

These liners are such high-quality, they have anti-aging benefiting ingredients up the wazoo; absolutely 100% worth the price. They glide on creamy and sort of “set” so you have a little time to soften/smudge them out. :-)

Product <3 #4: Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream  $22 (Naughty Nude)


So I think it’s fairly obvious I’m on a peach/brown nude lips kick here… what can I say I’m really feeling it lately! :-) The formula of this lipstick is so luxurious, creamy and hydrating. I’d definitely suggest using a lip-liner with it. It comes currently in 20 shades and this particular shade is “Naughty Nude” which is a medium warm beige/chestnut with a hint of peach tones to it–so right up my makeup ally! <3

I love the color and texture and I think once the weather gets cold again my lips are going to love the hydration this gives, giving my lips a healthy, plump look and feel.

Product <3 #5: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed $38 (Opal)

100_1077 100_1080 100_1082100_0992 100_0995

Now this is not going to be all that shocking because unless you’ve been locked in a cave the past few months, we all know everybody loves this product… in this particular color. :-) So me telling you that I will never be without this highlighter again is unlikely to come as a shock to you. ;-) It is everything I thought it would be and more.

It swatches as a peachy/pink opal, however on the cheeks it is a true opalescent that gives the cheek bones the most stunning, almost icy looking glow–I don’t know how else to describe it better than that. It’s just one of those products you have to try on to truly see how gorgeous it is and I can honestly say I would be shocked if anyone who likes highlighters doesn’t love this! <3

Product <3 #6: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation $49 (4.0)

100_1060100_1069100_1063 100_1065 100_1066

I think this should be a staple in everyone’s makeup arsenal, this is such an outstanding, flawless looking and performing foundation. The texture is liquidy so I like using my beauty blender to apply it most of the time. It feels weightless and soft, is light-medium build-able coverage and gives me a natural looking demi-matte finish.

I like to wear this when my skin is nice and clear because if I’m breaking out I just don’t find it gives the coverage I want. To me it gives a very natural, airbrushed effect, blends out nicely and lasts all day. With this I will usually blot and touch up a couple of times during the day but I never mind that, it’s nothing excessive.

I don’t however like to wear this in extreme heat or it melts right off my face, it has no SPF so it’s great for photography, although if it were hot out like I said, I’d opt for something else.

I love how this comes with a pump and I absolutely love the packaging, it’s a plastic bottle which LOOKS like glass but I’m glad it’s not because it’s a lot more travel friendly this way.

I’ve worn this a lot lately on the cooler days and I still absolutely adore it and always want it in my collection. <3

Product <3 #7: Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Eye Pencil  $20 (Velvet Black)

100_1070 100_1075

Ok last but certainly not least is my Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Eye Pencil in Velvet Black, this one I received in an IPSY bag so it isn’t full-sized but it’s still pretty decent in terms of the product amount. I absolutely love this liner because not only is it very black, it is one of the few formulas I’ve found of eyeliner that doesn’t transfer down into panda eyes on me when I wear it on my lower lash line.

It stays put for hours without smudging or fading and does a pretty good job on my water line and tight lining as well. Usually I like a nice red-brown or medium brown on my lower lash line because it’s not as harsh as black liner, but this week I’ve really been feeling it and this product is just a no-fail liner I can count on. :-)


Alight beautifuls, I hope you all have a really relaxing Sunday tomorrow if you have the day off, enjoy Church if you go to church, enjoy your family and any fun plans you might have! 

God bless,


Rachel <3


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