Saturday Standouts 7/26

Hey ladies! Happy weekend! I hope you’re all having a great sunny day like it is here! I am looking forward to this whole weekend; have a lot of fun things planned with Stephen and my daughter so I’m a happy girl. <3

Today I have to mention that ONE of the things I’m showing you is no longer sold, however I DID get mine luckily from the company just sold on amazon (which I’ll explain later) so if I find it anywhere I’ll link it to this post! :-)


Product <3 #1: MAC Lipstick in “Pure Zen” $16

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This is a lipstick I’ve wanted for EVERRRRR…. lol. It’s a creamsheen + pearl so it’s very creamy, and has a little pearly finish as the name implies (not frosty). This one can settle into my fine lines a tad more than other MAC lipsticks I have, I think just because I notice it more since it is lighter in color; but it’s nothing crazy and I love wearing this under the gloss I’m showing you next. :-)

This is a light, frosted (again not frostY), warm nude that is a gorgeous shade of light/baby pink. This color looks best when paired with a nude lip liner and topped off with a little gloss. :-)

Product <3 #2: Gerard Cosmetic’s Lip Gloss in “Butter Cream” $24

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Butter Cream OVER Pure Zen--they're basically the exact same color <3

Butter Cream OVER Pure Zen–they’re basically the exact same color <3

So obviously if you’re into Whitening Lightning lip glosses you will notice that this newest member of their family, Butter Cream, is sporting a new package design! I actually prefer this WAY more over the old packaging because the lettering on the side of the old packaging wore off very quickly and made my glosses look messy. I also prefer the new gold lid and the signature “GC” for “Gerard Cosmetics” which I think looks very chic.

The formula of this gloss is just like all the others, opaque, creamy, not sticky, long wearing, and extremely comfortable to wear.

This color, Butter Cream is Jaclyn Hill’s 2nd collaboration with Whitening Lightning/Gerard Cosmetic’s and this time she created what the line was missing; a perfect cool toned light baby pink/nude. UGHH—this is the most GORGEOUS color, the pictures really don’t even do it justice you guys.

If you haven’t bit the bullet and picked this one up yet, I highly recommend it!


Product <3 #3: Becca Mineral Blush in “Damselfly” $38

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I have definitely included these blushes from Becca a few times in my weekly favorites, although it’s been a couple of months. This one in particular (Damselfly) is the one I’ve been reaching for almost every day this week. I had completely forgotten about it as I was cycling through my blush collection, so when I used it at the beginning of the week for the first time in a while I was floored once again at how much I absolutely LOVE this blush.

It is a light peachy/pinky/coral with micro gold shimmer to it, and the sheen it gives your cheeks along with the gorgeous flush of coraly/pink is just breathtaking.

One thing besides the color and finish of this blush that really sets it apart from even my MAC blushes, is the long wearing abilities it possesses. This blush truly does last all day without having to touch it up, without experiencing any fading or patchiness, and its color looks fresh from the moment you put it on to when you take it off at night.

Again, if you haven’t tried one of these blushes from Becca yet, they are sold at Sephora and are also now being sold at Ulta so that’s really exciting! :)


Product <3 #4: Adovia Exfoliating Facial Sea Salts $19

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This is a really multitasking product because it is 100% pure sea salt and I use this as a facial exfoliate, lip scrub, body scrub and even mix it in with the concoction I put together in my homemade beach spray.

The AMOUNT of product you get for $19 is absolutely insane, they fill this tub to the brim–which is the ONLY negative I had with it because for the first couple of uses it was kind of messy and spilled out since it was overflowing.

I have really been enjoying this scrub, mixing it with coconut oil makes a FANTASTIC body scrub that leaves you silky smooth and hydrated. Using it with some water to exfoliate your face actually helps dry up acne as well so that’s just an added bonus!

Overall I give this a 8/10 and would absolutely repurchase it. <3

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Product <3 #5: Anastasia Lavish Pallet $19

unnamed (22) unnamed (23) unnamed (24) unnamed (32)

Alright so unfortunately I couldn’t find this pallet anywhere but on Amazon and Ebay for over $40 :-( so I couldn’t link it for you guys, I think I just got insanely lucky and picked this up from Amazon when they had 3 left for $19. The pallet was shipped straight from Anastasia so I know it is authentic, and I can’t tell you enough how much I ADORE this new pallet.

The colors are just FABULOUS! This is my first Anastasia pallet and I definitely want to pick up the new Amrezy pallet now because this one is just so sensational. The shadows are so incredibly buttery and easily blended, the colors are so warm and sensual and have a pretty decent array of color choices.

I’ve been using this all week and even am going to be using it later in the month on a bride whose makeup I am doing for her wedding, so that should tell you how much I love this! <3 IF you find a way to get your hands on it for a decent price I HIGHLY recommend doing so! <3


Product <3 #6: MAC Prep and Prime Highlighting Pen in “Radiant Rose” $25

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I have been ADORING this highlighting pen all this week and as soon as I get paid I’m actually going to be picking up two other shades. This thing NEVER dries up I swear, the packaging is so fabulous and the highlighting abilities of this bad boy are unreal. I will always kind of forget about this little nugget and when I re-discover it I mentally slap my hand for not using it!

This shade in “Radiant Rose” is really for people with pink undertones, it is SO creamy and opaque and blends out beautifully underneath your eyes and the center of your face for an unreal highlight that looks very natural and lights up your face. <3

Product <3 #7: 7th Heaven Masks $2.99 (each)

100_1304 100_1307


I was sent 6 of these masks from the company 7th Heaven Naturals, and let me tell you guys… if you’re looking for some awesome masks that are not only INCREDIBLY inexpensive, but also high quality, effective and a great bang for you buck–DEFINITELY check these out.

The masks are all natural which is absolutely fantastic, the quantity in each “pouch” is crazy–it takes me 3-4 applications to get through one pouch–which is the ONLY thing negative I have to say, is that there’s no way you’re going to use one of these just for one use. So in order to save the product once I’ve opened it, I keep it in a zip lock baggy. This does work just fine, it just can be a little messier or a nuisance.

That aside, both that I’ve tried so far have left my face extremely soft and subtle, they are very creamy and thick in texture and smell incredible. They come in all different varieties such as made with Moroccan clay, white Tai mud etc… so you can pick up which mask tailors to your skins individual benefits.

Check them out ladies, I’ve been loving them! <3


Alright my beauties, that’s the end of this weeks Saturday Standouts, I hope you’ve all enjoyed and have maybe been inspired to try out one of these awesome goodies!

God bless you guys,


Rachel <3


21 thoughts on “Saturday Standouts 7/26

  1. Great post! :) <3 I have a question for you, what makeup brushes would you recommend that are price friendly? :) I have been looking around and thinking I might like to get some new ones. I was look at bh cosmetics and they have a nice purple set that I would love and also have looked at the Real Techniques ones. Just wanted to know your thoughts. I would love to own Sigma brushes but they're way out of my budget lol.


    • I havent tried the bh cosmetics but the real techniques are fantastic!!! I use at least 1-2 of their brushes everyday. Makeup geek also has fabulous brushes that are extremely good quality for a good price :))


      • Thanks for the tip! I was looking at the Makeup Geek brushes as well and of course a lot of the good ones were sold out! Such a hard decision isn’t it? :)


  2. Dear Rachel , I love love love your blog !!! I wanted to ask you .. What shimmer powder (pressed) would you recommend for me … I want a nice shimmer glow but (not the hoe type glow …). I have a medium complexion with yellow undertones .. Skin is dry/normal


    • BAHAHAHAHA the “hoe glow” i love you lol!!! With yellow undertones and your complexion I’d suggest the “moonstone” version of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. They are sold online both at Sephora and Ulta for $38. Little steep in price but I promise you the quality is unmatched and the amount they give u will last you forever. Moonstone is a very subtle glow with golden understones, its extremely stunning!!


      • No no I thought it was awesome LOL!! :)))) Okay sounds great, If I find one that I like a lot thats not as spendy I’ll let you know I promise lol, I know it’s a chunk! :))


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