Favorite Lip Glosses “My Collection” Part 2: Whitening Lightning//Color Your Smile Glosses

Hey ladies!! If you missed the first part of this blog post featuring my other favorite lip gloss collection, NYX Butter Glosses; you can click HERE to check out that post. :-) Today I will be swatching and wearing for you one of my absolute FAVORITE brand of lip glosses of LIFE… I am obsessed with these.

I have 8 out of the 20 amazing shades. I can’t WAIT to pick up more of these, however they are a little on the higher price point of the spectrum so I just pick up one or two here and there usually when the website is having a sale, or when they are on HautLook (which is often btw!). <3

These to me are definitely a gloss/liquid lipstick hybrid; they have amazing color payoff, the most beautiful light/glossy sheen and really last on the lips! They are creamy and feel soft on the lips, they rarely bleed unless I just used too much or am being lazy with “slapping it on” haha. I have nothing bad to say about these glosses, the ONLY thing negative I ever had to say was the packaging which annoyed the crap out of me because as you’ll see on a couple of my glosses the words on the side wear off easily especially if they’re rubbing around in your purse.

So I am very happy Gerard Cosmetics has changed up their packaging which you will see on the shade: “Butter Cream”.

I hope you all enjoy this, let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite shade is, or if you have any of the other shades from this line let us know that too! <3

 Gerard Cosmetic’s Color Your Smile Glosses $24

#1) Nude

unnamed (6) unnamed (7) nude

SO as you can see, this is the one that lives in my purse–and for that reason the lettering has rubbed off. I really hate that, so I am glad that when I replace it, it will have the new packaging without any printing on the side. :-)

#2) Butter Cream

unnamed (8) unnamed (9)unnamed (15)100_1360

#3) Coral Craze

unnamed (16) unnamed (17) CORALCRAZE


#4) Pink Tiara

unnamed (22) unnamed (18) PINKTIARA


#5) Fiji

FIJI unnamed (20) FIJI2


#6) Rose Hill

unnamed (21) unnamed (10) rose hill


#7) Summer Sun

unnamed (11) unnamed (12) 100_1424


#8) Seduction

unnamed (13) unnamed (14) 100_1420


Okay ladies, that’s my collection so far!! Keep in mind I am NOT a lip model…. My lips are just not meant for close up pictures lol, so these glosses truly do look better and smoother in person I promise, but this will give you a good idea of what colors you might want to try out!!

Have a great day guys, love you all!

God Bless,


Rachel <3


17 thoughts on “Favorite Lip Glosses “My Collection” Part 2: Whitening Lightning//Color Your Smile Glosses

    • I’ve heard that they all do, and while I’m sure that is true, I definitely notice with certain colors over others. Like Fiji and Pink Tiara because they are so cool tone/blue toned. But I can absolutely say without a doubt if they don’t make them look whiter, they CERTAINLY don’t make them more yellow, so I think that’s the main point lol. They’re very flattering <3

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  1. Ah! I’m so excited you’ve posted this because I’ve been so tempted by these glosses, but the only reviews I’ve seen have been by people who have been somewhat sponsored. So good to know that a real person liked them a lot too and now I will put them on my shopping list!


    • Yeah geez I WISH I was sponsored I’d LOVE free lip glosses and commission hahahaahha… but no, these are just 100% amazing, quality products and I’m on my way to owning them all… because I just love them. LOL! :))) I’m so glad you enjoyed, and yeah be sure you keep your eyes open on instagram, Gerard Cosmetic’s always posts coupon codes and all that–I’m sure you already know this, just worth saying haha! <3 <3


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