*July Favorites*

Hey guys, oh my gosh I can’t believe I haven’t posted up a blog post in a week! I’m SO sorry for that, there has been a lot going on in my personal life these past couple weeks which has really slowed down my ability to sit down and write-up a good, quality post. I personally can’t just write-up something and throw it up just for the sake of having something up; so again I’m sorry for my week-long absence but things are settling down towards the end of this week and I should be back to updating the blog 2-3 times a week. :-)

Today I decided to do my July favorites; since I missed last week’s Saturday Standouts and really do have a few amazing things to show you guys I figured I would go ahead and make it my monthly favorites… although this pretty much exactly resembles the Saturday Standouts lol…

OKAY… so these are products I’ve been reaching for pretty much all this last  month, a couple of them are newer and I can’t wait to share them with you! So okay enough of my blabbering hehe, lets get this going! <3

 Product <3 #1: LA Girl Pro Concealer $5 (LEFT: PURE BEIGE, RIGHT: CREAMY BEIGE)

unnamed (7) WP_000989 WP_000990

Okay this product I am SUPER excited about because I had heard some buzz on you-tube that this concealer is somewhat of a dupe or comparable to the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, which is my FAVORITE concealer of all time and a staple of mine. MAC’s costs $19 and this costs $5… so I kind of HAD to give it a shot and see how it compared.

First off, this comes in a squeezy tube with a brush-tip applicator which is nice because it definitely makes it easy to apply. I don’t know if it’s the most sanitary way to apply your concealer, but I think as long as you clean it off if you use it on any active blemishes you should be alright.

The consistency is definitely not as thick as the pro long wear concealer, it is more liquidy but still very creamy. It has pretty decent coverage actually and I did notice that it held up well and doesn’t fade much throughout the day.

I DON’T think it’s a MAC pro longwear dupe, not even close; howEVER I have been reaching for it every single day and I absolutely love it. I will say though that it oxidizes literally upon immediate contact with air, so I dislike that about it. Just be sure to buy a shade or two lighter than you might normally think you would be and you should be fine. For $5, this is a fabulous concealer and I’m absolutely loving it!


Product <3 #2: MAC Eyeshadow in Embark and Vanilla $10-$16

WP_000992 WP_000998

First off, if you all are still buying MAC eye shadows from a MAC counter and paying $16 a pop–stop it. LOL. You are paying $6 more for the compact version and if you want a cheaper alternative to the Z-pallet, believe it or not MAC’s is cheaper. Its only $8 dollars for the pallet and $2 for the insert. So yeah–definitely buy the pro pallet refills pans over the compacts.

These are two shadows that I picked up because I was looking for my everyday PERFECT, holy grail shades for both my brow bone highlight and for using on my lower lash-line. Embark was recommended by Jaclyn Hill, and Vanilla I did some research and swatch comparisons on and decided to get on my own.

*Embark is described as an intense reddish-brown and is a matte.

WP_000995 WP_001015

*Vanilla is described as a peachy-ivory with reflects and is a velvet. I actually prefer this a LOT over MAC’s “shroom” because it is not as glittery/shimmery and still gives me that gorgeous highlight I want to brighten up underneath my brows and in the corner of my eyes.

WP_000997 WP_001016


Product <3 #3: Sigma E15 Flat Definer Brush $14


unnamed (8)

In addition to loving the shadow in Embark, this brush is what I use to apply that shadow to my lower lash-line. I absolutely LOVE this brush, it places the color so precisely and closely to the lash-line, applies is very densely and I’ll usually go back with a pencil brush and blend/smoke it out more. I do think that if you’re very into eye makeup you’re going to love this brush, I have even used it to kind of smoke out my eye shadow on my upper lash-line so that I can achieve a beautiful, soft smokey eye.

I think the price point is amazing, it’s completely affordable and well worth adding to your collection. :-)


Product <3 #4: MAC Blush in “Cantaloupe” & “Sunbasque” $17-$22








Wow so was this a MAC month for me or what!? Ha ha! These two blushes are probably… no they are definitely two of my favorite blushes in my entire collection. I think they are gorgeous by themselves and also blend well together to create a warm, summery, glowy cheek. If I don’t know what blush to wear, or I just want to KNOW it’s going to look fabulous, I’ll always reach for one of these two.

Cantaloupe is a matte shade and is described as a rich, warm cantaloupe. It pulls a very warm shade of peach on me, looks very natural and blends very seamlessly. I can also say that this blush is one of the softest, smoothest blushes that I’ve had from MAC, its formula is SO well done.

Sunbasque is also a very warm-toned blush which MAC describes as a gilded-peach with pearl. On me this pulls a beautiful shade of terracotta-peach and has the most stunning subtle sheen to it that makes you look very healthy and like you’re glowing from within.


Product <3 #5 & #6: Inglot Gel Liner #77  $12 & Sigma E65 Small Angle Brush $14

unnamed (5)  unnamed (6) WP_001005

So along with it just being extremely hot here, it’s also like I said been an emotional month for me so it probably would have been a disaster with big black panda eyes if I didn’t have this gel liner lol! It’s SO long-lasting and smudge-proof, budge-proof–like immovable people. The finish of this is so intensely black, its matte and looks so stunning. It really lasts until you take it off (I use coconut oil to remove it effortlessly) and a tip: If it seems to be drying out don’t toss it. use a little makeup spatula or even a q-tip and stir up the product and it will be like brand new again.

This eyeliner brush from Sigma I have been dying to tell you all about because for someone like me who pretty much has permanent winged liner–I’ve been searching for a long time for a brush the would both perfect my application, and make it look perfect/on point.

This brush far exceeded my expectations, it is densely packed yet still very soft so it doesn’t scratch or tug or pull on the skin around your eyes. It is angled so creating that perfect winged liner be it dramatic and thick or thin and precise, this brush is incredible.


Product <3 #7 & #8: Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream $9.99 & Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation $8.99


I haven’t really been wanting to wear my more pricey foundations this past month, with Stephen (my babe) working so much during the summer months, and my son visiting his Dad in Cali for a couple of weeks (part of the reason… or rather most of the reason I’ve been extremely emotional) honestly I haven’t really gotten out more for more than grocery shopping and taking Sophia to the park.

So I’ve been using these two foundations; not necessarily together, but alternating between the two on different days. Both hold up well in the heat, both offer a beautiful natural/satin finish on me, and both give me a real solid medium coverage.

I like to apply these best with my beauty blender since they are more on the liquidy side and I just find it to be the best application for a quick and flawless finish. I like it a lot because with one of these as my base, my LA Girl Concealer and some Makeup Forever Super Matte Loose Powder or my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting powder I am good-to-go at least with my complexion.

If you haven’t tried out one or both of these drugstore gems yet, definitely go pick them up you won’t regret it! OH–and also don’t bother getting any other Garnier BB cream than the one for combo-oily skin… somehow the formula of this one is just superior to the dry-normal one and even though I’m not oily I buy this one. Just a tip! <3 


Alright my loves, I hope you truly are all having a great day and the end of your summer is going smoothly. Thank you for all of you who have helped encourage me and keep visiting my blog even though I’ve been having a rough month–things will definitely be better now! I’m so glad to get this post up, it uplifts my spirits and helps me to remember why I love doing this so much!

God bless you guys,


Rachel <3

Deuteronomy 31:6


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25 thoughts on “*July Favorites*

    • I LOVE IT. I have probably 4 or 5 different eyeliner brushes from different brands, even another one from sigma, and this angled one is SO SO much better. I’m so happy because when you really LOVE eyeliner like me (lol) its frustrating to struggle with it when you don’t have the right tool, but this has changed that for me completely! Definitely pick it up, it’s totally worth it! You can get it from Sigma, or even Amazon has it. :)


    • Totally agree with you, I was so stuck on high-end foundations (which I still love) and I’ve never liked any bb cream I’ve tried, but this is INCREDIBLE. I love it so much, and it is so inexpensive and lasts forever, I will continue to repurchase it every year! :))


  1. Great post! Do you happen to know where I could get my hands on Covergirl foundations and LA Pro Girl concealer?… I live in the UK …


    • Well I haven’t really used a pencil in years (at least on my upper lid), I pretty much use liquid or gel, and I find that for me at least it is easier, but if you’re used to a pencil there’s going to be a learning curve! :)) But I think what the biggest difference is, is the finished look. I think gel gives you such clean, perfected looking liner and that’s what I love about it! :))


  2. Great products! I am slightly obsessed with MAC at the moment so you can stop making me jealous now ;) Keep writing! Emma x


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