+My Ever Growing “Makeup Geek” Eye Shadow Collection+

Hi my loves! I hope everyone is having a great week so far and is really soaking in that last bit of summer! <3 My family and I are going to our county fair this weekend which will be a ton of fun, and then my girlfriend is getting married the following weekend; I will be doing her makeup and I am SO blessed and flattered beyond words at having been asked to do this for her special day! I will definitely do some sort of post on that, I’m not sure if I want to do a makeup tutorial on the look, or just a general look at her and the wedding with some pictures and all–I’ll figure it out, but definitely going to be doing that! <3

Also before we jump in, just want to remind everyone about the giveaway which is going on right now on my blog, to enter you can go here —-> HERE <—– and win a full-sized bottle of my new favorite facial cleanser of life, Mia Mariu’s Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser. Easy to enter, open to US entrants only (sorry :(…) and the contest does end this next Tuesday, August 18th. <3

Alright so lets jump in! So far I have 13 of Makeup Geeks amazing eye-shadows. I pick up a couple of these every single month and they have definitely become my most used eye shadows right along side my MAC shadows. The quality of these shadows is so incredible; soft, buttery, easily blended, pigmented, just absolutely the highest quality.

The compact’s sell for $7.99 and the pan form (which is what I buy) that you can put into a z-pallet sell for only $5.99 a piece; so very affordable for just about anyone.

Don’t let the lighter shades fool you with my crappy swatches, they are my MOST used shades; peach smoothie I use every single day as a transition shade, creme brulee is also a deeper option for a transition shade, frappe–same thing and deeper still. I pretty much want EVERY SINGLE shade so I’ll have to pick up a couple more z-pallets or MAC pallets soon! :-)

Here’s a look at all 13 shades I have in my collection so far:

1) Peach Smoothie

peachesandcream peachesandcream2

2) Creme Brulee

Cremebrulee cremebrulee

3) Frappe

frappe frappe2

4) Mango Tango

mangotango mangotango2

5) Burlesque

burlesque burlesque

6) Envy

envy envy

7) Brown Sugar

brownsugar brownsugar2

8) Shimma Shimma

ShimmaShimma shimma

9) Cupcake

cupcake cupcake2

10) Bitten

bitten bitten2

11) Preppy

Preppy preppy2

12) Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan cosmo2

13) Prom Night

PromNight promnight2


Love you guys, have a great rest of your day and I really hope this post was helpful! :-)

God Bless,


Rachel <3

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35 thoughts on “+My Ever Growing “Makeup Geek” Eye Shadow Collection+

  1. All these shades are so gorgeous! Burlesque and Envy jumped out at me the most. Cosmopolitan and Mango Tango as well — they remind me of Expensive Pink by MAC. Every time I see someone talk about these MUG shadows, I become more tempted to try them out. Great post! xx


  2. This was extremely useful, I’ve been considering buying some makeup geek shadows and it was nice seeing a bunch of them at one time to give me an idea for shades, also Cosmopolitan almost looks like it could be a dupe for NARS orgasm!

    Liked by 1 person

    • yeah it does look just like it, its pretty much a dupe for MAC’s Expensive Pink eyeshadow :)) I’m glad it was helpful thats what I wanted, I always like to see tons of swatches of things before I buy them! <3


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