L’ORÉAL Visible Lift Blur Foundation *REVIEW*

Happy Wednesday my loves! I hope everyone’s is having a great day and start to their week. :)

Today I am bringing you a review of the new foundation from L’Oreal called “L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation” , it sells at your local drugstore for $14.99 and comes in 12 different shades. I personally wasn’t sure what to expect from this, so I read up on the website beforehand to see what the product claims were and if I thought it was worth my $15:

“L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation has an opti-blur technology that is great for all skin types. It is non-comedogenice and contains SPF 18. It provides anti-aging benefits while hiding any imperfections.” –Ulta

That really didn’t give me too much to go on, so I just took the plunge and picked it up to make my own conclusion. The color I picked up is a little darker than I was as I took the swatch pictures, but now that my self-tan is on again it matches pretty well.

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So as you can see it’s a very whipped texture, it reminds me almost exactly of my Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour foundation, only THIS foundation has a more silky feeling when applied. It almost feels like you’re applying a foundation mixed with a serum–so it feels very light and luxurious which I absolutely love.

I get very solid medium coverage with this, but I can easily build it up to full without it getting cakey or heavy feeling.

I prefer to apply it with a dampened beauty blender although it works well with a kabuki brush as well.

The thing I love the most about this foundation is the finish it gives me. It blurs my large pores and my fine lines VERY well, it doesn’t sink into them at all, so it gives me a very soft focus effect. For me this is a demi-matte finish. It’s not totally matte, but I wouldn’t say it’s dewy–just really velvety and luminous looking. It’s really stunning and when set with powder it is even more so.

BEFORE: Literally just woke up...

BEFORE: Literally just woke up...

AFTER: Foundation, a little blush, lip gloss and brows done. You can see it REALLY covers my dark circles.

AFTER: Foundation, a little blush, lip gloss and brows done. You can see it REALLY covers my dark circles.


1) Good coverage

2) Beautiful finish

3) Price

4) fairly long-wearing

5) absolutely hides/blurs enlarged pores and fine lines.



1) I’m not a huge fan of the shade range–it’s pretty much medium-dark shades.

2) I did get a little oily with this foundation–nothing bad, just needed to blot after 3-4-hours of wear.


So yes, overall I give this foundation a whopping 9 out of 10 stars. I think if you are like me and have some uneven skin texture, and enlarged pores you are going to love this foundation and it will be worth purchasing for you. I find it very comfortable to wear, and not unlike the performance of my higher-end foundations. I’m very impressed with this and definitely recommend giving it a try!

I love you guys, I will be posting lots of good stuff coming this next week so keep a look-out for that!

God bless,


Rachel <3


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23 thoughts on “L’ORÉAL Visible Lift Blur Foundation *REVIEW*

    • LOL I know I have watched a bunch of YouTube videos on it, finally I was like oh alright I give in–bought it! haha <3 <3 It's really great, I'm very impressed, just wish there were better color options–they lean so dark and pink.


  1. Great review! I have been wondering about this stuff and how it worked. Do they have any shades for really fair/pale skin at all? I would love something to minimize my pores and blur my wrinkles haha lol. It sucks get old! ;) <3 xox

    Liked by 1 person

    • It does feel like it’s mixed with a primer, it’s very silky/velvety and almost serum-like feeling… but also whipped and thick… it’s hard to explain hahah!!! It’s definitely not like any other foundation I own, so I love it for that reason, and it truly is a beautiful finish! :))


    • See now this makes me so happy, I did NOT have great skin a couple months ago, I changed up my skin care and it’s really changed, I haven’t had ppl compliment my skin in years, thank you so so so much!!! :)))))) And thank you for the nomination :)))


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