10 Quick Ways To Care For Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

How to care for microring hair extensions

A micro-ring hair extension, irrespective of how solidly they are attached to your hair or how fine the chosen hair’s quality is, still need proper care and regular attention so they come good for at least four months. Good maintenance and upkeep should result in micro ring hair extension lasting more than four months. Hair extensions do not come cheap, which is why you must turn every stone possible to keep their appearance and longevity intact. Likewise, you must refrain from anything that could potentially hurt their quality when they are prematurely removed. There are several ways through which micro-ring hair extensions could be taken proper care of. Learn how to care for your microring hair extensions with these 10 methods compiled by the Ms Beauty Guru team.

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Do not swim with microring extension
Brush Microring Hair regularly
Tie Hair back when sleeping
Avoid ponytail for microring hair

1. Stay Away from Swimming Pools

Avoid swimming with microring hair extension

Hair extensions would always suffer in the treated waters of a swimming pool. Chlorinated water can harm both natural and fake hair. Therefore, stay away from the swimming pool always. When bathing and swimming, make sure your hair doesn’t come in contact with the water. To ensure this, make a ponytail and plait the remaining hair. The end must be tied using a rubber band to keep the plait and ponytail in order.
However, if you cannot resist taking a couple of dips in the water, make sure you do not remain under water too long and stay away from sea or chlorinated water. Chlorine damages both hair extensions’ and natural hair’s cuticles, which explains why your hair looks dry and damaged after you’ve stepped out of a swimming pool. If your hair has had its fair share of exposure to sea water or chlorinated water, wash your hair with normal water right away to mitigate or minimize damage.

2. Brush Your Hair Regularly

Brush Your Micro-Loop Hair Extension Regularly

Tangles should be avoided at all costs. Regularly brush your hair extensions so that they remain tangle-free. To brush your hair, push a bunch of hair to your left or right side and hold them firmly in one hand. Use the other hand to brush the hair’s ends. Holding the hair makes sure the extensions do not come off while you are detangling the hair ends. Move up gradually until you no longer require to keep the hold. Comb the remaining hair normally. It is advised you buy a high-quality hair extension brush and detangling comb for the job.

3. Ensure Your Hair is Tied Back While You’re Sleeping

Tie Microring Hair Back While Sleeping

Tying your hair back during sleep also helps avoid tangles. The braid should be loose so that movement during sleep doesn’t create tangles. Also, proper hair-tying should result in some nice curls when you’re up the next morning.

4. Washing Hair Extensions While Showering

Washing Micro-loop Hair Extension in Shower

Taking a shower with the microring hair extensions on is not that complex. You also need not resort to cumbersome haircare process. First comb your hair using a comb with wide teeth before stepping in the shower. The water pressure must be adjusted to make sure it doesn’t pull on or damage your extensions. In the shower, let your hair hang normally behind your shoulders and ears, and massage your hair gently in vertical motions so that the strands remain aligned. Shampooing should be done the same way. Make sure no dirt particles or shampoo remain after your hair extensions have been rinsed. Apply some good hair conditioner so that your hair stays safeguarded throughout the day from the elements. However, ensure the conditioner does not come in contact with your hair’s roots.

5. Wearing Micro-Ring Extensions and Styling Your Hair

Styling your Microloop Hair Extension

Hair styling is not that difficult. Just make sure the combing movements are superficial. Kindly note all hair extension types need gentle combing. Ensure you start combing using the wide-toothed comb starting at the tips and moving up gradually to the scalp. The comb teeth shouldn’t hit the micro rings during combing. If your hair extensions come off accidentally for some reason, take them to your extensions salon to have them reaffixed.

6. Micro-Ring Extensions and Perming Hair

You can Perm microring hair extension

Is hair perming possible with those microring hair extensions on? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’! Choose a solution of your liking – for softer curls, go with an acid-balanced solution; for tight curls, select alkaline-based solution. Apply cream conditioner to safeguard your hair extensions from those heavy perming chemicals. Also, wear latex gloves so that your hands are protected as well. Follow product usage instructions so that you apply the solution properly and safely. Wrap your hair carefully around a curling iron so that they don’t pull on your hair too much. To properly rinse the perming chemicals, use warm water, and some moisturizer to keep the hair extensions moistened.

7. Do Not Damage Your Extensions’ Joins

Pony Tail damages microloop hair
Avoid ponytail – it causes breakage to microrings

Tying fake or natural hair back in a constricted ponytail could cause breakage. In case of hair extensions, tight ponytails could weaken the joins. Likewise, stay away from anti-dandruff shampoos, hot oils, or head lice treatments as these products can damage the joins too.

8. Affixing Micro loop Hair Extensions

Prior to inserting microring hair extensions, it’s recommended you use deep cleansing shampoo to wash your mane. This ensures scalp grease and old product residue are cleared, which makes the adhesion between the microring and your hair stronger. Do not use any styling products, including a conditioner. Let the hair dry and attach your extensions only if it’s completely dry.

  1. Partition your hair, starting near your neck, at the back.
  2. Hold a micro-ring by its hook and open its eye. Use the hook to grab some strands of your real hair.
  3. Pull the hair via the microring.
  4. Insert your stick hair’s pointed end into the microring. At this point, you would feel some resistance – if not, more hair is required to mitigate hair slippage.
  5. Then use pliers to firmly squeeze the micro-ring.
  6. Continue doing this until the desired result is achieved.

9. Micro-ring Extension Replacement

The biggest advantage of using microring is that you can replace it easily. You would need replacement if your extension starts sliding down from the contraption, it feels as if there’s attachment chafing, you want hair replacement, or you simply want to rejuvenate your hair extension. The same tools that were used for attaching the hair can be used. You just have to replace the old microring.
Instructions to do it:

Instructions to do it:

  1. Position the pliers on the section of the microring you would like to replace.
  2. Open the attachment up by pinching the microring’s ends. The microring would revert to its oval/round shape.
  3. Pull the hair piece out and then lightly pull the micro ring out.
  4. Use a new microring to replace the old one. (Microrings could be separately purchased if you do not have additional rings left behind from your previous hair extensions.)
  5. Then adhere to the steps that you resorted to when putting your extensions in their place (see above).

10. Removing Microring Extensions

When you’d like to remove your hair extensions and microrings, your hair must be dry completely. To ensure your natural hair experiences minimum wear, do not pull hard on or tear your hair. Follow our instructions instead so that the removal is as easy and smooth as possible. Make use of pliers that are meant to remove and insert microrings. (The ones you used for attaching the extensions).

  1. Use the pliers to clutch the microring.
  2. Open the add-on accessory by pinching the ends of the microring. The ring would then get back to their original round/oval shape.
  3. Pull the hair piece out and then pull the micro ring out gently.
  4. Repeat this process for all pieces.
  5. You are done now.

Microring hair extensions is among the most cost efficient and versatile compared to other types of hair extensions. However, like any other hair extensions, you still need to take proper care of it if you want to maintain the appearance and extend its lifespan.