10 Side Effects You Never Know from Wearing Shapewear

For almost 200 years, women – and sometimes men – have worn body shapers in an effort to look better and feel better about themselves. And if you have ever wanted to create the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure, a curvy waist and a flat stomach, you may have worn a body shaper, or shapewear yourself.

The Victorians made shapewear and corsets popular, in an effort to have a curvy and desirable figure and a slim waist. The effect is achieved by wearing the body shaper under a dress so that the shape of the wearer’s body is temporarily altered, and those bulging and flabby parts of the body are hardened up and compressed. The basic premise is the same as it was back in the 19th century, when satin, silk, linen and cotton were the materials routinely used, although some corsets also had uncomfortable iron wirework. However, today’s body shapers are manufactured from breathable and skin-friendly materials, a big difference from Victorian times when the wearer would often experience difficulty breathing, or crushed ribs.

Is There Any Side Effects of Wearing Shapewear?

However, there are some side effects of wearing shapewear for prolonged period, which is basically a compression garment that is worn tightly around the body. At Ms Beauty Guru, we compiled this list of the top 10 Side Effects You Never Know from Wearing Shapewear. They also equate to health risks from all types of shapewear from the normal to plus sized ones.

1) Lung Function

The lower lobes of the lungs can become compressed when wearing shapewear, preventing them from expanding to their maximum. After an extended period, this can lead to a reduced oxygen flow and can adversely affect the lungs’ performance.

2) Blood Circulation

Pressure on the muscles and skin can affect blood circulation under the skin. Your heart needs to work that much harder to ensure that blood is pumped into any compressed areas, and that can make your heart tire more quickly. And all of this can sometimes lead to unwanted blood clots.

3) Digestion

Pressure is also applied to those internal organs situated in the body’s midsection, as well as on the actual muscles. And this pressure can then affect the efficient passage of food through the intestine, colon and stomach. In fact, many people who wear body shaping clothing report that GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease is a common and unwanted side effect.

4) Bowels

Whatever is present in your large intestine tends to move more slowly than usual, because of the effects of the shapewear on the colon and large intestine, which in turn can affect your bowel movements.

5) Bladder

Many women actually put off using the restroom because of the discomfort that shapewear can cause. Leakage, incontinence and an infection in the urine can all be side effects when this happens.

6) Numb Feeling In the Legs

Tingling, numbness or cramps in the legs, as well as an increased chance of varicose veins developing can all occur when blood flow is reduced to the legs, due to compression in the thighs.

7) Bacteria and fungi

They love the moisture and sweat that tends to get trapped in certain areas of shapewear. It’s not uncommon for rashes to develop in these affected areas, or for the area to itch.

8) Meralgia Paresthetica

Numbness, tingling and discomfort in the leg may also be caused by the peripheral nerve in the thighs being compressed, a condition known as Meralgia paresthetica.

9) Blood Clots and Varicose Vein

vericose veins from wearing shapewearVaricose veins and blood clots are definitely not the effects you want when you wear shapewear, and although they are more likely to affect those genetically more prone to them, it’s still a problem that anyone wearing shapewear can experience. Having your limbs exposed to excess pressure for an extended period of time is the cause.

10) Bacteria

It’s no surprise to learn that you are almost certainly going to sweat more if you are wearing clothing that’s designed to hug your figure and compress the skin. Your pants may well become a breeding ground for bacteria, as the moisture and sweat that are generated simply doesn’t have anywhere else to go. And wearing control pants makes it even harder for the skin to breathe, meaning that you may notice unsightly spots on your stomach or back, or may even develop the condition known as thrush.

Simple Tips To Avoid Negative Effects from Wearing Shapewear

  1. Always try the shapewear before buying. Make sure it is not too tight or loose. Remember body shaper is a gradual adapting to the tightness so start slow.
  2. Shapewear is only part of the weight loss solution. It needs to be complimented with a balanced diet and workout.
  3. Limit the time you are wearing shapewear and never wear for long hours. Give your body a breather!

Shapewear, though an effective way for weight-loss, you should not be over-zealous in using it. Whenever you feel discomfort in your body, you have to stop wearing the shaper and change to a less tight version.

Remember…You can be more beautiful but not at the expense of your health.