10 Ultimate Clip In Hair Extensions 2019

Best Clip In Hair Extensions 2019

There are several types of hair extensions; however, clip-ins make it the easiest to sport a hairstyle you always wanted to sport. Less expensive compared to other hair extension types, clip-ins are hair wefts (groups, and not individual strands) that could be clipped at root-level to your actual hair. You can snap these extensions in by yourself without having to visit a salon. Ideal for outings, clip-ins add significant amount of volume and length to your tresses, and the best part is you can take them off easily before you retire for bed. These clip-ins are a solid temporary choice if your hair is short and you want long hair – or you have just cut your hair short and you you are instantly missing your long hair. These clip-ins also help you find out how different color hair will look on your face. If these clip-ins can offer luxurious, thick hair almost instantly – then why not?

Choosing Real or Synthetic Real Hair Extensions

Salon professionals usually recommend actual human hair extensions instead of synthetic hair because human hair will not easily tangle, won’t cause allergic reactions, and will look quite natural. Like real human hair, human hair extensions can be easily styled too. Most synthetic hair would disintegrate in hot environments – you cannot curl-iron or straighten them. Human hair extensions have no such limitations. Human hair can also be dyed to match your real hair color, whereas synthetic hair would be permanently damaged if dyed. However, human hair clip-in extensions may not stay put when it’s humid or raining. A higher quality human hair type is recommended as each hair strand’s texture is the same.

The following are the compiled list of 10 Ultimate Clip In Hair Extensions of 2019:

1. Natural Curly Clip In Hair Extensions

Natural Black Curly Hair Extension
Clip in Curly Hair Extension Wavy

Natural hair has volume naturally, but you may use natural curly clip-ins to add even more coils, kinks and curls. Go with a brand whose hair extensions match your hair’s curl type and texture. Clip the hair in to make sure the extensions seamlessly integrate with your real curls. You could wear these extensions loose or shake them up a bit with crown braids or Bantu knots.

2. Curly Clip In Hair Extensions


Curly clip ins with a permanent wave already set in are available for purchase. Opt for loose, big curls for a bombshell, springy appearance. These clip-in extension types are a solid choice if your hair is naturally straight, or you have straightened your hair and are missing your waves already. Clip in the extensions and use a heat tool to curl your regular hair to make sure the extension blends in. This would offer you a natural wavy look.

3. Short Clip Ins

Short Black Clip In Hair Extension

Short Hair Fringe Hair Extension Clip Ins

A hair extension is not always supposed to lengthen your hair. There are short clip ins or crown extensions that give your hair a thicker look. These extensions are ideal for medium length hair. Go for 8 to 10-inch extensions. The extensions can also be cut to any desired length. To add more dimensions to your hair style, go with clip in extensions that are a shade or two lighter or darker than your real hair color. This would provide it a low-lighted or highlighted look so that your hair looks thicker. Use heat tools to add understated waves for a trendy appearance.

4. Black Hair Clip In Hair Extensions

Black Clip in Hair Extensions Attractive Locks
Black Hair Extensions Clip Ins Thick Full

Black hair clip ins are ideal to acquire dramatic, very attractive locks. Ensure your black hair extensions go with your hair’s undertone – black could be cool or warm, with either blueish/violet or reddish undertones. Since the hue is very dark, black hair clip ins would offer a much thicker look to your mane. Make subtle loose waves so that the color’s heaviness could be broken down and it could be made to look sexy.

5. Dark Brown Clip Ins Hair Extensions

Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions 14 inch
Silky Straight Clip In Dark Brown Hair Extensions

Mermaid hair, anybody?! Choose dark brown extra long clip ins to add weight and natural fullness to your mane. Dark brown hair would suit an array of skin tones, right from olive to fair and deep. As a result, these extensions work just fine for most ladies. Real human hair clip ins can be dyed darker too just like regular hair, so that they could match your actual hair easily.

6. Blonde and Grey Clip In Hair Extensions

Sexy Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Unique Grey Clip In Hair Extensions

Grey and blonde hair is in trend, and one can see why. These clip ins look sexy and edgy, and the extra long hair are sure to grab attention of people around you. Clip in extensions make it quite easy to append length and volume to your hair, particularly if your tresses are on the thinner side. Human hair extensions can be bleached. Therefore, take one to the salon and get the extension colored by a professional to match your existing hair and get that flawless look. Grey and blonde clip ins are ideal if you are going out for a festival. Put them on when the day begins and unclip them later when it’s time to go to bed.

7. Red Clip In Hair Extensions

Long luscious Red Clip In Hair Extensions
Scarlet Look Clip In Hair Extensions

Redheads grab attention, and if that red hair is long and luscious, they’ll turn a lot more heads. Clip ins come in a wide variety of colors. Rock the scarlet look – or copper, or burgundy, or ginger – and your mane would look even better. When opting for red clip ins, it is important these hair extensions match or go well with your existing hair color. To make sure you are getting the ideal result, buy a sample before purchasing a complete set.

8. Ponytail Clip In Hair Extensions

Pony tail clip in Hair Extensions two tone color
Braided pony tail clip in hair extensions

A wavy, bouncy, and thick ponytail is classic and beautiful. But if your hair is thin or short, getting this look is not possible. This is where ponytail clip ins come to the rescue. All you must do is make a ponytail style out of your real hair, and then attach the clip ins to the base, so that they lie over your hair. At the end, twist a small portion of the hair extensions around so that the point where your real hair and extensions join is not visible. You can even opt for the braided hair extensions which exudes a cool look that will certainly attract attention at parties.

9. Balayage Clip In Hair Extensions

Balayage clip in hair extensions dark brown fading to chestnut
Ombre dark brown clip in hair extensions

Balayage hair color has been popular for quite some time now. Women across the globe love this appearance as it provides their hair with an instant lift. You need not go fully blonde, but you can still have that attractive sun kissed look. Also, it enhances hair that is naturally wavy. Balayage clip ins help you experiment with such a style. Opt for balayage hair extensions that go with the color of your hair root and clip the extensions in like you regularly do, or blend a couple of colors. If your hair has highlights, buy a couple of different extension colors – for example, golden blonde and chestnut. Clip the darker hues on closer to your neck, with the lighter hues going on top to replicate highlights like how they are applied by hairstylists. You may then use heat-generating equipment to wave and curl the extensions together for some seamless blend.

10. Cheap Clip In Hair Extensions…they are below $10

Cheap clip in hair extensions wavy natural
Cheap clip in hair extensions below $10

It is worth splurging on clip ins for extremely special occasions, such as your wedding. However, you need not always spend a lot of money on hair extensions. If you fancy a different style for a party at a friend’s house, choose the more inexpensive options. There is a variety of affordable clip ins available for below $10, and inexpensive does not always translate to lower quality. You may have to let go some manageability and thickness in the process, but the lower priced hair extensions would still let you churn out some beautiful looks.

Clip in hair extension is an awesome no-frills way for you to try out different hair extension look before committing to any long term solution. More importantly, the cost of clip in hair extensions ranges makes this within reach of younger woman. There are other types of hair extensions you can consider if clip-ins are not your cup of tea.