4 tips for good looks all year round

1. Take care of your skin

Looking good starts with healthy skin. It is not enough to camouflage, it must be treated. Certain critical periods (summer, harsh winter, strong winds), our environment and our way of life in general cause damage that we have to repair throughout the year: dryness, spots or redness, small pimples …
So to keep a fresh and radiant complexion, we do not hesitate to offer ourselves a vitamin C cure several times a year. Reputed to fight against dull complexion and skin aging, we find it up to 10% in HYALURON-FILLER VITAMIN C BOOSTER skincare from Eucerin Dermatological Laboratories. An anti-aging serum, to be applied before treatment, with strong antioxidant power. To be used as a 10-day treatment, this treatment enriched with vitamin C promises to strengthen the skin and fill in wrinkles. From 7 days the skin is smoother and the complexion more.

2. Adopt a “good-looking” makeup

There is no need to strain on the makeup for a “good-looking” result. On the contrary, the goal is to obtain a “natural healthy glow” effect.

– The best-known tip for enhancing the complexion: lipstick. Red, coral, pink, we choose the shade that highlights us the most.

– The most trendy trick: strobing. Already adopted by all, this makeup technique consists in illuminating the face by playing with light. With the help of a highlighter, after a thin layer of foundation or CC cream, apply a few small illuminator touches to the main points of light on the face, ie the top of the cheekbones and the tip of the nose.

– Jennifer Lopez’s tip: a little sun powder applied to the bulging parts of the face for a good, expressive glow. Add a touch of peach or dew color gloss and voila.

3. Eat “good-looking”

To prolong the tan, we adopt “tanned” nutrition. We fill up on fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene: those whose color is red or orange. Melons, apricots, peaches, tomatoes, carrots … And we don’t hesitate to abuse it! Likewise, there are many nutritional supplements rich in tanning prolonging active ingredients. Let’s be realistic, these solutions allow us to extend a tan already in place and to promote the tan to come but will not give us a summer look all year round. Nothing prevents you, all the same, from fueling carrot juice, very vitamin.

4. Choose the right outfit

To enhance your complexion and have the brightest possible look, the choice of clothes also matters. Some colors enhance the complexion and others make us dull. The catch? These colors are relative depending on the people. It’s up to you to put yourself in front of the mirror with colorful clothes and compare!