A Global Pandemic Guide to Pregnancy

As the world comes to a complete standstill for COVID-19, for women who are currently expecting a little one we understand your life’s as far away from being on pause that those around you. As we navigate our way towards a hopeful end to this pandemic, we’re hoping to offer some support and advice to mother’s to be. Hopefully, in this article, you’ll find some reassurance in knowing that, right now, no evidence supports that pregnant women are
more likely to get seriously ill from Coronavirus. Despite this, women who are currently expecting have been precautionarily placed into the moderate risk group – for your own protection and safety.

Health and Wellbeing
Obviously, before anything else, as an expecting mother, you want to ensure your giving yourself and you baby the best fighting chance against COVID-19. We’ve done all the research for you and brought the latest health and wellbeing advice for you, in one handy location,
– Stay away from anyone who’s recently come into contact or had been diagnosed with Coronavirus.
– Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes – especially with unwashed hands.
– Speak to your DR or Midwife if you have any symptoms related to Coronavirus immediately.
– Wash & Sanitise your hands frequently.
– Social distance as much as possible, avoid leaving the house unless necessary. If necessary, keep a 2-meter distance from those around you.

Mental Support
Everyone pictures going through pregnancy differently, we can highly imagine, nobody pictured that they would be stuck at home counting down the days with little to non-outdoor contact with friends and family. Remember that it’s ok to feel uncomfortable about this, your emotions are heightened as it is, so let’s discuss some techniques you can use to help de-stress and build a support unit.

Moving to a digital age, you may/may not have realised the rise in everything from baby announcements, baby showers and gender reveals held via zoom or just getting creative to still build that excitement that comes with showing off your bump! Perhaps you’ve had to cancel your shower, it’s ok girl! Get online, and get the following supplies, props, non-alcoholic bubbly, quiz sheets, cupcakes and hampers. Create these little boxes of goodies, and send them out to all your guests along with a cute set of invitations, by still creating a supportive unit around yourself and using the tools around you to keep in touch with loved ones will seriously help minimise stress and support both you and the baby.

Talk, talk, talk. If you think it’s a relative thought or not, share it with someone you can trust, tell your partner your concerns about the pregnancy, keep the conversation of your mental wellbeing a frequent one. Removing any toxic and false media from your life will also support this. It’s important to remember that, not everyone’s lives are what they portray online – focus on you and this exciting chapter in your life.

Appointments and Delivery
Keeping in frequent contact with your midwife throughout the pregnancy would absolutely benefit minimise all health concerns or questions. Since appointments now have to be conducted in a one-person the only situation, it’s alright to feel upset that these special moments are being taken away. Give yourself a moment to breathe and remember it’s these precautions that are keeping yourself, the baby and the staff safe during this time.

Get yourself a new birthing plan together, speaking both with your partner and midwife to rule out any pre-birth concerns you may have. Researching how you’re chosen hospital is currently responding to COVID-19, figuring out that all birthing routes that you initially planned can still go ahead. This way, you’re ruling out any surprises that cause yourself unnecessary stress during labour.

Remember the little miracle that you’re bringing into the world. Regardless of how you end up meeting your son/daughter, you’ll know you’ve given them the best possible start in life through the small sacrifices of daily routine you’ve made. You got this mama!