Healthy Lifestyle Habits We Picked Up During Lockdown – That We Should Maintain

It’s no lie that the world really turned itself on its head over the past several months. In fact, Facebook recently reported that survey’s ran on the platform proved that as humans we’ve taken a ten-year advancement in technology during the first three months of lockdown. From zoom calls to online e-commerce reportedly picking up profits at over 80% worldwide, it’s clear that we will never be the same. However, we’ve also noted other, healthier activities
that we’ve picked up during COVID-19 that we want to maintain moving forward.

Social Communication
It’s sad, but it’s true. Losing out on having the simple pleasures of being able to spend quality time with friends and family had us use any means necessary to keep in contact with one another. People are reaching out to individuals they’ve possibly not spoken to in years, and it’s all thanks to opening our minds to simply communicating with these individuals via social media.

Daily Exercise
As you’ll recall at the beginning of Coronavirus, it was recommended that you should ideally only leave your home to get your daily required exercise. We’re gonna hold our hand’s up in defeat and admit that prior to lockdown, daily outdoor activities we’re more of a bi-weekly thing. By knowing it’s our only opportunity to get outside, it’s provided a lot of individuals with a healthy outlet to what we’ve been experiencing both mentally and physically.

Ditching the Takeaways
Restaurants closing their doors and trying to live without the sweet cravings of McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets led a lot of people into home baking, cooking and our favourite fakeaway’s.

If you’ve never come across a website called Pinch of Nom before we would highly recommend checking out their site. They offer homemade alternatives to all your favourite takeaway treats, including a lot of health benefits. By making your own food from scratch, you’re cutting out all the preservative and artificial flavourings often found in these foods, whilst also creating a life long hobby.

Practising Self-Care
Other businesses which sadly had to close their doors were beauty and hair salons, usually, a haircut can cost anything between $10-$100 depending on what you’re getting done. Since lockdown, box dyes, wax strips, fake lashes and gel nail home kits have seen a dramatic rise in sales. We’re not saying to ditch the salon completely, let’s face it, we’re practically cutting our hair with bowls at this moment in time. However, cutting on your savings by learning how to do some of your own beauty projects allows you to get the same great look you love,
whilst also helping you pay the bills.