How to choose my body care?

Having well-hydrated skin is a sign of good health. Choosing the right body care then becomes very important. Follow our advice to display nourished, soft and firm skin all year round!

The application of a hydrating milk has the effect of depositing a film on the body preventing the water that we eliminate naturally from evaporating. Our skin therefore remains hydrated. You will understand: it is important to nourish your skin well, daily, morning AND evening. This is how you will find all the softness and suppleness of your skin. On the component side, opt for treatments based on shea butter or vegetable oils which are known to intensely nourish the epidermis. Nourishing your skin all year round is therefore essential! In summer, good hydration will have the advantage of prolonging the tan. In winter, it will protect the skin from external factors (such as wind, cold, pollution, heating, etc.) which tend to dry it out and damage it. Fatigue is also a dehydration factor since it prevents the skin from defending itself properly.

Body care adapted to your skin type
The effectiveness of a treatment will depend on the choice of a product adapted to your skin. If you do not know your skin type, seek advice from a dermatologist. The latter will also be able to direct you to appropriate care.

Your skin feels tight all day long and has lost its elasticity.
Turn to both nourishing and softening treatments that will allow your skin to regain elasticity and suppleness … but not only! Milks rich in nourishing agents (like coconut oil for example) will also bring you comfort and softness.

Your skin requires little care. Your body care must therefore primarily maintain the natural hydration of your skin.
Prefer fluid textures. Avoid too rich care to avoid this unpleasant effect including cream that sticks to the skin. Use body milks made from jojoba oil, aloe vera or cocoa butter.

Your skin itches, eventually peels, and is especially in need of nutrition. Also, it too often displays a “crocodile skin” effect?

Use nourishing care rich in mineral oils, perfect for acting as a barrier on the surface to strengthen sensitive skin and limit the loss of water that causes dryness. These products are also perfect for soothing your itching and tightness. Finally, milks containing perfume are not recommended. Indeed, not only do these tend to dry out the epidermis more, but in addition, these ingredients are potentially allergenic in people with sensitive skin.

Your skin is regularly prone to redness and only asks to be pampered with softness.
Prefer body oils or milks. These treatments have the advantage of being gentle and especially of leaving a nourished and protected skin after their application.