Mesotherapy, an effective technique?

La mésothérapie permet de traiter de nombreux maux par l’injection de produits médicamenteux. Petit point sur cette technique.

What is mesotherapy?
It is a technique that involves injecting one or more products closest to the problem to be treated. This injection contains a cocktail of vitamins and minerals. The advantage is that the injected product is made as close as possible to the source of the problem, thus avoiding that the drugs have to travel through the whole body to treat the target. The injection therefore allows precise and concentrated distribution of the product, ensuring better efficiency. Other significant benefits: fewer side effects and less risk of damaging organs like the liver or stomach.

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How are the injections?
“Few, rarely, in the right place,” was the motto of Dr. Pistor to whom we owe mesotherapy. The dosage of the injections and where they are given are decisive for the success of the treatment. The injections are done locally and are not very painful. The depth of the injection depends on the treatment and does not exceed 10mm. No local anesthesia is required. If you are very sensitive, an anesthetic cream can be applied half an hour before the session.

The number of products injected does not amount to more than 3 at a time. They must be known and recommended by the French Society of Mesotherapy (SFM). Before preparing the injections, the doctor will make sure of the right dosage of medication and this according to the results of the medical examination that he will have given you beforehand. The equipment used for injections must be for single use.

There are two types of possible injections, called “manual” or “assisted”. The first is done simply with a syringe and needle while the second is done using an electronic injector. In both cases, the aseptic conditions must be optimal in order to avoid any contamination or infection.

The sessions vary according to the patient’s needs. For classic sessions, count 3-4 sessions of 20 minutes each, spaced approximately 15 days apart. Then continue treatment once a month. Then, the sessions will be spaced in time. Of course, their number will vary depending on the treatment.

What can be treated with mesotherapy?
Originally, it only concerned athletes suffering from tendonitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, it has spread and further broadened its scope.

She also treats:
– disorders of the blood circulation.
– rheumatism.
– dermatological problems like shingles, herpes.
– infections and respiratory problems: angina, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma etc.
– chronic pain (such as migraine)
– aesthetic needs (hair, face, neck, décolleté etc.)

Contraindications for mesotherapy are rare. Be careful though if you are allergic to any of the products used in the injections.

Mesotherapy for wrinkles?
Mesotherapy is also one of the techniques of aesthetic medicine that help fill wrinkles. This aesthetic technique helps to keep a more serene, smoother face and to give radiance thanks to injections.

Note: mesotherapy is not applied to the areas of the eyelids and the corners of the lips.

Mesotherapy is also used to fight against cellulite. The doctor will adapt the mixture of products to inject according to the size of your orange peel. Caffeine is often added for its invigorating benefits on the skin. This solution has the advantage of being painless, however opinions differ on the results. There would indeed be a firming effect but the fat cells would not decrease. Treatment must be done over the long term to obtain an optimal result.

Other treatments for aesthetic purposes are possible such as injections to combat hair loss.

The price of each session, generally between 45 and 80 €, will vary depending on the areas to be treated and the problem to be treated. Finally, like any treatment for aesthetic purposes, aesthetic care is not reimbursed by Social Security.

Anti-wrinkle mesotherapy at home
Surface-Paris Laboratories have found a practical, economical and ideal solution for those who are afraid of needles. The brand has indeed created cosmetic treatments at home directly inspired by this medical technique. A non-invasive protocol with both hydrating and anti-aging benefits. Applied to the skin using a mesoroller (a small device equipped with micro-needles), an ultra-light serum penetrates the upper layers of the dermis without any side effects. In just 5 weeks, we are promised visibly younger looking skin.