Our advice for choosing the right day cream

Day creams are available for all ages and for all skin types. But then, how do you know which treatment is suitable for your needs? We go around.

It is not always easy to find your way among all the day creams available on the market. Some are suitable for all skin types, others are more suitable for combination or oily skin, others for dry skin, still others for dehydrated or mature skin. How to make the right choice ? Which criteria to take into account? And how do you know if it is useful or not to take care with a protection index (SPF)? Explanations.

Determine your skin type

Several criteria must be taken into account when choosing your day cream. Starting with your skin type. But before knowing which treatments to choose, you still have to recognize if you have normal, combination, oily or dry skin. Normal skin does not tighten, itch, or itch. In short, it is “comfortable” skin all day long. A simple moisturizing day cream is enough to nourish it. Mixed skin, for its part, oscillates between normal skin and skin prone to acne. It can present imperfections according to the season, a change of mode or rhythm of life. It can be normal in some places and oily in others, especially in the T zone, understand forehead, nose, chin. This type of skin requires special attention, since it may be necessary to change the day cream depending on its evolution. Anti-blemish care is recommended for this type of skin provided that it is not too reactive.
As for oily skin, it is certainly the one that is most easily recognized because it “shines” due to an excess of sebum. It may also be full of black dots. Contrary to popular belief, it is important to nourish your skin even if it is shiny. Opt for a moisturizing day cream designed for oily or acne prone skin.
Dry, itchy, itchy skin. It can peel or be irritated in some places. Be careful under these conditions, not to strip it because it risks even more to irritate it. Bet on nourishing and lipid-replenishing care.

Our favorite product for normal skin:
Perfect cream moisturizing multifunction from Laura Mercier
This light cream gives the skin a smooth and radiant appearance, and provides a feeling of hydration and comfort.

Our favorite product for oily to combination skin
My Revitalizing Day Cream from Laboratoire Giphar
This revitalizing day cream with Moringa and Green Tea Extracts moisturizes, protects and gives radiance to the skin. Notice: on Beauté Test, users appreciate its texture and recognize its nourishing effect.

Our favorite product for dry skin:
Soft sheathing balm by Stretch FaceKult
This balm with a soft and supple texture comforts dry and sensitive skin without overloading it. It contains 99.4% ingredients of natural origin.

Choose care adapted to the maturity of your skin
The age of the person is also an important factor when choosing their day cream. It is obvious that at 20, the needs are not the same as at 50. If, after adolescence, a light moisturizer is more than enough, with age, the skin tends to dry out. It is essential to feed her more. Do not hesitate, either, to opt for an anti-aging moisturizer as soon as the first wrinkles appear.

Our selection of anti-aging day creams:

Revitalizing anti-aging cream – Secret of excellence from Galénic
This day cream enriched with vitamin B3, for its powerful anti-stain effects, brings comfort and firmness to the skin. Notice: Beauty Test users appreciate its texture and the tone it brings to the skin.

Sisley Hydra Global Face Serum
This anti-aging serum rehydrates the skin from the inside. It brings firmness and tone. Notice: Beauty Test users recognize that it restores radiance to the skin and provides hydration.

Change day cream depending on the season
The needs of the skin vary according to the seasons. The structure of the epidermis changes with the cold. The skin tends to let the water evaporate and therefore dehydrate. Tugging and a feeling of discomfort can then be felt. It is therefore essential to adapt your beauty routine: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate … If in summer, you must avoid “excessively overloading” the skin, in winter, you can go through several stages by applying a plumping hydrating serum then a cream richly textured balm that will deeply nourish your skin. Note that the environment

Our selection of products:

To fight against dehydration:
Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying Daily Booster 50ml
Is your skin dehydrated? Thanks to the benefits of 89% of Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, this fortifying and plumping treatment restores radiance to the skin. On Beauté Test, users are won over by its texture and its effectiveness in terms of hydration.

With a protection index:
Hydrance UV rich moisturizer SPF 30 -40 ml
This day cream hydrates the skin and effectively protects against environmental aggressions thanks to the Sunsitive Protection filter system ensuring high protection SPF30. Notice: Beauty Test users salute its effectiveness.