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Eyelash Tinting Guide

Interested in making the perfect tinted eyelash? Then this article is for you to read. Eyelash tint has been recently developed as a hair dye specifically used on the eyelashes. Tinting your eyelashes produces an effect comparable to mascara. It noticeably darkens, thickens, and lengthens the appearance of your eyelashes without rubbing off, producing smudges, or clotting. Eyelash tinting is a sort of semi-permanent mascara. It stays perfect and smudge-free until you naturally shed your lashes.

Benefits of Eyelash Tinting

Say good bye to time spent applying mascara and pushing your hubby’s patience. Not only it gets worn off easily from moisture, it can make you look real bad too!

Mascara smudge
Women’s greatest nightmare…Mascara smudge!

Compared to applying mascara, eyelash tinting save you a lot more time in your makeup regimen. Eyelash tinting also last longer. It is definitely a cost effective and long term solution. Imagine the convenience of being ready to leave your home whenever you want. This will be what eyelash tinting can do for you.

Are you suitable for Eyelash Tinting?


Red and blonde hair are beautiful, but they can have their downsides. People with pale complexions often also have eyelashes that are pale, barely noticeable, and very delicate. This low-contrast look hides away your eyes and makes them look like they are smaller than they actually are. Eyelash tinting creates an improved definition and adds structure and frame to any pale face.


If you are allergic to some cosmetics, you should instead consider eyelash tinting seriously. The dye that is used in this process is usually made from vegetable fats to ensure minimum irritation. In this case, perhaps Lash Lifts will be a better alternative as it does not use any dye, just perming your eyelash.


You no longer have to neglect your beauty regime, even if you work a high-pressured career, regularly participate in extreme sports, and go to outdoor activities. There is no need to keep spending so long with the eyelash combs and the mascara perfecting your lashes, an eyelash tint may be the answer. You might even let the mascara go for good and eliminate those nasty clumps. Reclaim your free time for other morning activities! If you play sports, go to the gym on a regular basis, or lead an active lifestyle, it is an on-going struggle to ensure you look good. A simple 15-minute eyelash tinting session can help your lashes look long and luscious without efforts, regardless of sea water, sweat, and harsh weather.

Eyelash tinting before and after
What a difference a good eyelash tinting makes

What is the Eyelash Tinting Process Like

Dyeing the eyelashes and eyebrows follows the same chemical process involved in coloring your hair. In general, the beautician that is performing the service cleanses your face carefully. He or she will also apply a protective cream or padding, which will safeguard your surrounding skin and eyes before applying any dyeing product.

The formula has colored portion, which contains dyes derivative of aniline, also known as coal-tar dyes. It is also usually mixed with a cream solution containing 3% peroxide. That is also called 10-volume peroxide in the hair salon. This is half-strength of the hydrogen peroxide amount that is commonly used. These peroxide cream solutions are used to create a thicker mixture and will avoid running and/or dripping.

The beautician will apply the mixture to the desired areas. He or she will use a small brush to ensure maximum control of this application. The idea is to apply this mixture only to the hairs that are being colored as much as possible. With the lashes, it is also to ensure avoiding the eyes. And with the brows, it prevents staining the skin and having to use a color remover to erase the stain. That will lighten the color results.

The time period that is necessary depends on the texture of the hair involved. The product will work its magic and it will be washed away carefully. Some salons offer combo packs to include lash and eyebrow tinting and brow shaping and other fancy facial services. These services are usually faster than doing the head hair because the areas involved are much smaller. The clients usually expect to spend a certain amount of time in the salon. So, added these services is an easy sell with these combinations.

eyelash tinting on fair skin
On fair skin, eyelash tint is more visible

Is it Safe to Tint Your Eyelash?

Well, you should only visit experienced professionals who work with high-quality products and have a license, as with any beauty service. The eye is much more important and sensitive than your eyebrows. This is why you should be even more careful when using beauty products near your eye. The side effects from a eyelash tinting procedure can be disastrous if you are not careful.

You should never use regular hair dye on your eyelashes. This is not something a professional should even consider. Check whether the product is made of a vegetable dye because that won’t harm you. Eyelash tinting is vetoed to people who have infections in the eye infections or some conditions such as swelling, conjunctivitis, or any sort of irritation around the eye area when they go for a lash service. When a client has an infection, the lash tint could deepen the eye condition or infection. And if you already have had an allergic reaction to hair dye previously, you should definitely stay away from eyelash tinting. And, if you ever have doubts, ask for a written permission from your doctor that you can bring to your lash beautician.

You should be aware there is a chance your eyes will either burn or the skin near your lashes will become irritated. Salons usually flush your eyes with saline if you feel pain after waiting the first eight minutes. You should avoid this service if you have sensitive skin or eye problems. On the other hand, it should be said it is a safe procedure for those who wear contact lens.

And, by the way, you must always take your contact lens out whenever you do any lash services. Contact lenses trap fumes from the adhesive and dry the lens. This causes eye irritation and it will make you uncomfortable. This is the safest way to prevent irritation or infection if any product comes in contact with your eye.

How Long Do Tinted Eyelashes Last?

Even though the eyelash tint is permanent, its effects only last while your eyelashes growth cycle is on. Once each dyed lash falls out, your lashes darker look will gradually fade over time. The eyelash tint lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your lashes growth cycle.

To get the most out of your fresh dye job, it is suggested to keep the lashes from getting wet for the first 24 hours. This also includes avoiding heavy eye makeup and steam from facials. You should also completely avoid oil-based products, because they strip the tint away.

Eyelash tinting is an easy and convenient solution for beautiful eyes. However, some may find the use of the dye too close to the eye for comfort. Hence, finding an experienced beautician or reputable clinic to perform this procedure is highly recommended. There are real cases of bad reactions to eyelash dye leading to temporary blindness.